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Found the Neighborhood! Now, What? March 29th, 2011 | Posted in General Real Estate

You can only afford to work hard for committed and motivated buyers.  Below is an inquiry from a coaching client.  The letter included below will help his listings double, increase his double-ended transactions, fill his database, and impress his buyers. 


I need letters to go out to selected properties.  I was going to send a letter then make a phone call.  I don’t see a letter for something like this in your book.  Am I missing it somewhere? 

Should I go with a postcard only?  I think there are about 20 houses we identified that he wants me to send, too.  




Hey, Tim!  How about this letter?




City, ST  ZIP


I have a pre-approved buyer who has chosen your neighborhood as the area to move his family.  I do not work with a new buyer unless they answer 35 questions in a counseling appointment, get pre-approval in writing from a major lender, meet with me and all decision makers at my office, then sign an exclusive agreement for me to represent them.  I am one of the top agents in the area because I work with realistic and ready buyers in the (city) area. 

My client likes your neighborhood because of (name five attributes of the neighborhood).

I know what my clients can pay for a home and how much of a down payment they can make.  If you were to email, text, or call me, we could discover if there is a match in your home.  Obviously, you would have to be thinking about selling in the next 12 months for this to work for your home, but maybe you know of another home in your neighborhood.  I can bring you market value on your home or simply bring you a nice gift for the address of another neighborhood home. 

Our meeting will be fast.  You can ask questions about values on homes similar to you, and I’ll provide the comparable sales.  We might even start a phone relationship that you can use to gain an upper hand in the real estate market in the years to come. 

Whatever you need, I won’t waste your time unless this buyer is a fit.  Please call so we can talk about possible inventory in your neighborhood.  Thank you for your time.


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  1. Thanks Walter….love it, i’ll let you know how many deals i’ll get from this awsome letter…….you are the best!

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