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My Standard Responses to These Anticipated Objections June 17th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Yesterday’s blog post covered the need to prepare a script for what to say on the phone. Here are some ideas of how top producers handle objections and questions.

  1. No interest in you or your offer.

Walter’s response: I understand, sir.  I wonder if there is any time in the future in which we could call you with some of the services that we have that are free to our existing clients.  Would you like to hear some of the services that might appeal to you?

  1. No authority to act.

Walter’s response: May I have the contact information for the person who is responsible for this property?  Or could I give you my contact information for them to contact me?  Please let them know that I have many free services that will benefit them in their ownership of their real estate.

  1. No need.

Walter’s response: If I sent you a letter outlining many free services which we offer, would you at least put this letter in your file so that you can refer to these services in the future?

  1. No time.

Walter’s response: I understand, sir.  I am sensitive to my client’s needs; therefore, would another phone appointment tonight at 7 or 7:30pm be more convenient?

  1. Previous bad experience.

Walter’s response:  Could you tell me a couple points about the bad experience?  I understand that those are problems which sometimes happen in real estate.  Let me show you how I have anticipated those problems and put systems into place to head off the experiences which you have had.

(Name your systems and checklists, name your team members, list your experience, give your litigation rate for the years you’ve been in the business, your list to sale ratio compared to the boards, your return phone call guarantee, or any other solution that you have to answer or provide a solution to their previous bad experience.)

  1. Likes the competition.

Walter’s response: Competition is always healthy, especially when you can learn about the different items that the competition offers.  At this point, since you like the competition — I’m the competition.  Please let me share some of my services so that at minimum you can have your real estate agent provide these services to you.  Would 7 or 7:30pm be more convenient for you?

  1. Wants lower commission.

Walter’s response: Many of my clients have a quest for a lower marketing fee, and I am usually able to satisfy their quest for higher net profit.  So I know what I am getting into in regards to the special needs and marketing for your property, could I meet with you and the decision makers regarding the property?  Would 7 or 7:30pm be more convenient?

  1. Ties you up on the phone but will not commit.

Walter’s response:  Let me ask you.  We have been getting to know each other over the phone.  I hope that I have been able to provide some insight into solutions to some of your challenges.  I wondered if we could continue this conversation in earnest after I have completed the research on your property and completed what I believe will be a customized marketing plan to obtain top dollar.  Would 7 or 7:30pm be more convenient?

  1. Wants a buyer from you or your agent without a listing contract.

Walter’s response: I am asked that many times.  It would be unfair for me to say that I can bring in a buyer who would pay the most for your property.  This normally requires a marketing commitment which entails an internet, direct mail, telemarketing, database, and position promotion strategies.  Could I meet with you tonight or tomorrow at 7pm?  We can discuss how I put these marketing strategies into play to obtain your goals.


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