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Current Fund Sources September 28th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

We’re into day five of a series on “insider” investing for real estate agents!  You have that insider knowledge because you’re INSIDE the market on a daily basis.

Yesterday’s and today’s worksheets will work in conjunction with more worksheets that we’ll share next week.

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s worksheet, get caught up on your homework and we’ll see if we can make that real estate dream a little more in sight for you!

This worksheet is to determine current fund sources.

Investment Funds Currently Available

Liquid/Marketable Assets

Cash (net of required safety reserve):   ______________

Savings                                                        ______________

Life insurance cash value                        ______________

Stocks                                                          ______________

Bonds                                                          ______________

Notes receivable                                        ______________

________________________               ______________

________________________               ______________

Subtotal – Liquid/Marketable                                 +______________           


Real Estate Equity Sold and Refinance Proceeds

Value of real estate to be sold                  _____________

Less: costs of sale                                       _____________

Less: current mtg. bal.                               _____________

Less: taxes                                                   _____________

Real Estate Equity                                                       +______________ ____

Available Loan Amounts on

properties to be held

(only refinance to break-even)               ______________

Less: costs of refinance                           ______________

Less: current loan balances                   _______________

Proceeds of Refinancing                                               +__________________

Other Investment Capital

________________________                      _____________

________________________                      _____________

Subtotal – Other Investment Capital                           +__________                       

Equals your total investment funds currently available: $_______________(B)


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