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Current Sources of Non-Borrowed Income Earned in One Year September 28th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember that last week’s series was all about that “insider” advantage for investing in real estate.  Last Friday, we left you with the second of a series of worksheets to help you in getting a better grasp on financial matters before jumping into the real estate market.

Today’s worksheet will help you in seeing of any potential sources of non-borrowed income that you earn in a year.


Salary/commission                                   ______________

Referral fees                                               ______________

Bonus                                                           ______________

Dividends and interest income              ______________

Loan payments receivable                      ______________

Rental Income                                            ______________

Annuities receivable (pension, etc.)      ______________

Home-based business (eBay!)                ______________

Other: _______________________      ______________

Other: _______________________      ______________

Total Revenues                                                       +______________


Less Expenditures:

Office or Desk Fee                                    ______________

Technology acquisition,

education and maintenance                ______________

Assistant or temp help                             ______________

Postage                                                       ______________

Printing                                                        ______________

Car expense                                              ______________

Office supplies                                           ______________

Personal consumption                             ______________

Shelter (rent or mortgage payment)     ______________

Food                                                            ______________

Transportation                                           ______________

Clothing                                                      ______________

Energy                                                         ______________

Entertainment                                            ______________

Insurance                                                    ______________

Repairs and maintenance                      ______________

Un-reimbursed medical expenses      ______________

Charitable and other contributions     ______________

Real estate tax on home                       ______________

Other schedule C expenses                  ______________

________________________              ______________

________________________              ______________


Subtotal – Personal & Business Consumption:      – ______________


Less contractual obligations:

Child support/alimony                               ______________

Mortgage pymts. (excl. residence)           ______________

Car loan payments                                       ______________

Installment debt                                            ______________

________________________                ______________

________________________                ______________


Subtotal – Contractual Obligations                          -________________



Federal income taxes                              ______________

State and city income taxes                   ______________

Social security                                           ______________

________________________               ______________


Total taxes                                                                    -________________

Total expenditures                                                      -________________


Equals your amount available for annual investment: $                        (C)


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