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How Much Do I Have to Earn Selling Real Estate? September 29th, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Why so many worksheets?!  While I do want you to start investing in real estate “yesterday,” I want to make certain that you’re ready to do financially.  Hang in there – just three more days and one more worksheet to go.

If you’re catching us just now, be sure to check back for the other worksheets, which will help you in completing this worksheet.

  1. Total amount I am short to start my real estate investment program: — _____________ (D)
  1. Revenues from last 12 month: + _____________(E)
  1. Total of lines 1 and 2: $_____________
  1. Multiply line 3 by 140%. Place that dollar amount on this line. This will take care of your overhead: $_____________
  1. Divide line 4 by 12 to equal monthly earning goals: $_____________
  1. Take 110% of line 5. (This is your total for spending next year on education): $_____________
  1. Take 120% of line 6. (This is your total to be put aside for income taxes): $_____________
  1. Of my monthly earnings, 80% should come from listings sold.  (Line 7 x .8): $_____________
  1. Of my monthly earnings, 20% should come from sales made.  (Line 7 x .20) $_____________


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