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Facts to Help Obtain a Price Reduction November 21st, 2016 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

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In some areas, selling a home during the holiday season or near the end of the year can be more difficult.  Maybe it’s time to address the real reason the house isn’t selling – price.




City, ST Zip


Fact: There are more than 6,240 properties for sale in the (cities in your area).

Fact: In February, only 300 homes went into escrow.

Fact: In February, only 71 condos went into escrow.

Fact: In February, only 23 income properties went into escrow.

We want your property to be one of those that goes into escrow.  To do that, we need your help. In today’s market, the price at which you choose to list your property will determine whether or not your property sells.  If you want your property to be one of the 2% that sell each month, we need you to lower your price.

We are enclosing information regarding the recent sales and active listings in your area. Please notice that there were, in most cases, sales in your area.  This means that buyers chose other properties over yours.  In other words, buyers felt another property was a better buy (even though it was lower priced or higher priced).  We need to make your property the best buy, taking its features and benefits into account.

If you want your property sold, reducing your price is a must.  You are now a market-savvy seller, and you can view this marketplace objectively.  You will have to make a decision regarding the price of your property.  We have enclosed a price reduction authorization form for you to sign and return to us.  I will be calling you this week to discuss the information we have sent.


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems


Support Document: Price Reduction Authorization Form

I/We authorize Walter Sanford of Sanford Systems to reduce the price of the property located at _________________________________ to the price of _____________________________ and extend the listing time period to the original term.

Seller:________________________________________ Date:______________

Seller:________________________________________ Date:______________


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