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Working the Walter Sanford Plan Week Two, Day Four May 19th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Today, we’re wrapping up this week’s blog series, taken directly from the pages of my book If I Could Start Over Again.  This is part of the lesson from the first month, second week, and fourth day.

Yesterday, we included two letters to utilize in your expired program.  We’ll close out today by giving you some ideas to grow your sphere of influence database.  This is only part of an extension plan for day four, but this is an important part that we didn’t want you to miss.  There’s some good information in there to mull over this weekend.


Exercise Three:

Go over your database once again. This is going to be the basis for your future and building clients for life.  The database is a list of contacts who are more likely than not to give you referrals and help you on your way to success. I want you to re-evaluate potential sources for building your database.  Clients in your database will be contacted by phone twice a year and by letter four times a year.  Later, we will give you database scripts and letters.  Add these people to your database:

1.       Local appraisers

2.       Your doctor

3.       Your dentist

4.       Your pharmacist

5.       The head of your local veterans’ organization

6.       Your son’s and/or daughter’s scoutmasters and teachers

7.       The person who sold you your car

8.       The person who sold you your shoes

9.       Your painter

10.     Your postal carrier

11.     Service club members (Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.)

12.     Your hardware store owner

13.     Your local printer

14.     People in your bridge or poker club

15.     Your fishing tackle salesperson

16.     Someone expecting a new baby who is a friend of a friend

17.     Someone whose business is booming due to current economic conditions and knows you

18.     Your hairdresser or barber

19.     The person who sold you your swimming pool

20.     The maid of honor and best man at your wedding

21.     The person who sold you your piano

22.     The person who gives music lessons to your children

23.     The person who sold you your wedding ring

24.     The person who sells you film or photography equipment

25.     Your travel agent

26.     The person who sells you business attire

27.     The owner of hotel or motel nearest you

28.     Your favorite bartender

29.     Your favorite restaurant owner

30.     Your pastor, rabbi, or priest

31.     The person who took your latest family photos

32.     The local newspaper real estate columnist

33.     People on your election board

34.     People running for local elections

35.     Your buddies in the American Legion

36.     The person who serves you lunch (waiter or waitress) and you help them with real estate questions

37.     The leaders of the local PTA

38.     Your optician

39.     Your church organist

40.     The principal of your local high school

41.     The chiefs of your fire and police departments

42.     A local financial planner

43.     Your banker

44.     The owner of the bowling alley

45.     Your dry cleaner

46.     Your florist

47.     Your mechanic

48.     Your favorite restaurant owner

49.     Your webmaster

50.     Anyone in your personal phone and email directories


As you can see, the list could do on forever.  Anyone who knows you and you can approach regarding knowledgeable real estate transactions needs to be in your database.  Spend the rest of the day thinking about people you can add to this list of very important core clients.


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