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Thank you for your words of wisdom and experience. I have already benefited from some of the techniques in your materials. My return on investment will be huge! Thanks again. Mike Fortin, Platinum Group REALTORS®


Email: General Time to Buy Solicitation August 22nd, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

This is a fantastic solicitation when you have more inventory than available buyers (a rarity in some markets; an occurrence in others).  As with yesterday’s blog post, you could split this into a series of social media ads, a series of postcards to a particular neighborhood, etc.

Advertising your business doesn’t have to cost BIG money these days.  Exhaust all possible FREE or low-cost resources before you spend too much energy or money on the “biggies.”


To: Name

RE: Take Advantage of This Market

I can easily help you find the investment or home of your dreams in the next 30 days!  Inventory of new and previously owned properties has never been better, and mortgage interest rates are still low.  I have established a number of exclusive services for buyers that treat you to the friendliest, most professional service in this area.

Five ways that I can help you find your new home TODAY:

A. I have been helping buyers find homes in the (city) area for nearly 30 years.  This experience helps me zero in on your highest priorities, create innovative, sensible programs that attract the kind of seller we can both work with and put transactions together cleanly and smoothly.

B. I offer programs that make it easy for you to find your new home.  Call me to discuss my Exclusive Buyers’ Club that finds you property not yet on the market.

C. I study market conditions and pricing to keep you informed of current market trends.  Knowing market trends allows me to save you money on the purchasing negotiations.  Paying the correct price with the best terms are the two reasons most cited by my clients as to why they use our services each time they buy or sell.

D. I preview new properties on the market every single day and tell you about probable fits with your family and lifestyle.  I even have secret inventory and foreclosure inventory!

E. I have helped hundreds of people to buy and sell real estate.  I will be happy to provide you a long list of satisfied clients.  Our website at will provide you with the glowing reviews about services for buyers. Just click reply for more information on my buyer’s club and my other buyer services.  We can work together on your schedule and timeline toward a real estate investment.


Walter Sanford

Sanford Systems

P. S. There is free information available to you on my website – more free stuff than you will get from any other agent in (your city)!


Our book Fast Lane Buyer Systems includes every form to attract, manage, and monitor the buyer. Determine the motivation of a buyer, put them under contract, increase double-ending while actually providing amazing service to the buyer. This is the buyer’s agent manual! It comes complete with a data CD so there’s no need to recreate before implementation.

Check out the details here:  Call 800.792.5837 and ask for the blog special to get this book for just $50.

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