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Planning for Retirement from Real Estate October 16th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

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My incoming messages have been fast and furious.  Everyone wants to know how do you walk away from real estate?  Well first you have to know that my wife is still the top agent in Kankakee County, Illinois.  Then you have to know that I am growing and improving our real estate properties.  So I am still knee deep in real estate.  However, it is nice to change up your responsibilities and who you are responsible to.

Therefore, the planning started years ago with picking the ownership of rental real estate as my investment vehicle, my retirement vehicle, and the vehicle that I would like to use to affect future generations. The largest problem that I had was how do I afford the down payments?  My solution was to implement new ways of generating listing leads and initially netting one more listing every month.  Spending an hour every day of my career either trying new lead generation activities or implementing my favorites became my most important time block.  Every year, I took the equivalent of twelve commissions and bought a cool piece of property that I did not mind owning forever.  I became proficient at finding sellers and converting them into saleable listings.  Doing this has become a legendary trademark in my training other Realtors for the last 30 years.

Since I am no longer going on the speaking circuit, I am giving away my manuals for my cost.  By going here you can have all my software and thousands of pages of my manuals…everything that I have ever produced and sold to the top agents of the world for $1500, for just about $90.00.  Probably the best system in the world for running your individual real estate business that will crush competition.  I hope you get the package before they are all gone……then you will know how to easily get 12 more listings this year and use that commission for your down payment.  As you start to acquire these “keeper” properties please keep some rules in mind:

  1. You are going to keep forever (at least that should be your intention).
  2. You should not have to put any cash into them as negative cash flow except for improvements beyond normal  weal and tear.
  3. In areas that you can send grandma into to collect rents.
  4. Long term financing so that you don’t violate rule one.
  5. Fixed financing so the money market will not affect you.
  6. Buy so it is easy to “tire kick”.


Soon I will give you my rules for developing more cash flow than other owners….in the meantime, get my products so that down payments will no longer be your excuse.

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