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Top Agent Articles » Why Spend Big Money on Leads

For many, itís simply call reluctance. You just never seem to get around to making those phone calls. I run up against this challenge with even some of the best agents in the country. Call reluctance can freeze you in your tracks, and thatís why coaching can be so important Ė the prodding needed to get it done and the wording to get it right.

Top Agent Articles » You are Busy Because It's the Spring Market

This will be fast, because you think you have no time...but please read on! November happens! Spend a few minutes and delegate some of your lead generation duties now. Your affiliates (lenders, title, escrow, etc.) appreciate your loyalty, and they will help in lead generation that also benefits them with new clients. I have a new product out this week. We will sell it to you for 50% off as a special to our clients before we offer it to the general public. Loan it to your affiliates. Have him or her choose one system to work on in filling both his/her and your pipeline. If you can guarantee loyalty, he/she will help!

Top Agent Articles » Do You Add Consistent Value for Your Business and for Your C

We recently received a question from some of our favorite coaching clients. The Premier Team is lighting up the upper end, downtown, and historical St. Louis real estate markets. As coaching clients, they are challenging for me because they demand new value and service for their clients each week. In fact, Chris and Lisa know that to dominate an industry they need to have tools that the competition does not. They require tools that not only make the job easier, but also more profitable for their clients. Here is the result from a recent request from which we created a letter handout for the listing presentation and for advertisement in other media.

Top Agent Articles » What to Say to an Annoyed Client

One of my coaching clients recently had a listing client who was annoyed with her regular listing emails. Below is the exchange including the message we used in easing his frustrations and assuring him that work was being done to sell his house.

Top Agent Articles » Payback Never Pays

The real estate business gives a lot of opportunities for pain from other people: sellers who waste your resources with unrealistic expectations, buyers who cannot pull the trigger, cooperative agents who donít do their job, and peers who usurp your clients. Many times, you cannot foresee the pain from a client, and it becomes a necessary part of our business that comes from us working for free until closing. Coping strategies become necessary.

Top Agent Articles » Are You Doing All You Can Do?

My goal in real estate was to leverage my time so that I was getting the maximum amount of income out of every exertion of energy. I never liked showing property much, but I really wanted the listing. In fact, I did whatever was ethical to become the most recognized REALTORģ in my area. This system is a little aggressive, not for the faint of heart. I never considered it solicitation of a seller, just feedback; however, the results were many sellers ended up knowing me and paying more attention to my expired solicitation.

Top Agent Articles » Talking to the Internet Lead

Frustration with internet buyer leads turning into closed business is increasing. With internet leads, you have people who just want to look around but have never really been ďsoldĒ on working with you. Once you have their email address, it is time to get these prospects to call you so you can close them into a relationship. Get them to answer some questions. Get them pre-approved. Get them to meet you in the office to sign a buyer-brokerage agreement. You will like them more and do a better job if you are more convinced that they will turn into a commission. This little drip system has been working to generate incoming phone calls from anonymous buyers. Try it!

Top Agent Articles » Four Challenges and Solutions from the Front Lines of the Re

There should be more profit-refining rather than adding a new layer of overhead or technology. Sometimes, the basics are not addressed when looking to increase the companyís or individual agentís net returns.

Top Agent Articles » Do You Know How to Write a Goal?

Maybe you donít achieve success because you wrote that goal down incorrectly. With everyone telling you to set your goals and to write them down, too -- why donít you get everything you want?

Top Agent Articles » Making Big Bucks Means Getting Ahead of the Trends

My coaching clients are always working not where the puck is, but where the puck is going just like the hockey greats. If you have been watching the premier home builder Toll Brothers, then you see a lot of new hires and new stock prices. Building will be coming back.


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