Viewing: New Starts and My Clients Are Getting Their Part

New Starts and My Clients Are Getting Their Part

As some trends die, others are born. Short sales and REOs are in their last days, and we need some inventory! Builders have been hurt. They are being careful, and the banks are not backing them like the "old days." We are seeing the "stirrings" with small and medium-sized builders. The builders will need contact (call, letter, email, or personal visit) to remind them that you are their friend and colleague in this business. It is always easier to talk to with a potential client when you are delivering value. You feel better, and they listen better. The reason our clients are so successful is that they have the best value propositions to the best seller demographics. Builders are no different. Offer value that eliminates the competition and causes the builders to talk about you, their new agent, at the golf course, at business dinners, etc. Begin putting together your local, small and medium builder list. I would recommend starting with a letter explaining the value that your builder services offer and your promise of future contacts.