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Top Agent Articles » So Many Different Business Plans, Which Do You Choose?

Do you ever get confused on what business aspect you should implement next?  Just about ANYTHING is better than doing nothing at all while you wait for the business to come to you; however, is there one that is THE BEST?

Top Agent Articles » Low Profit and Low Priority Activities in Real Estate

Sometimes to implement the concepts in this system, you have to make room for them in your business plan.  In my career and now in coaching some of the top agents in North America , it has been proven that an agent must free up time and energy doing low-profit, low-priority, and sometimes down-right stupid activities.

Top Agent Articles » Six Percent Is Dead for Loser Real Estate Agents

With all of the discussion from the talking heads about new platforms to run this wonderful business, I am perplexed why our commission-based system is so hard to understand.

Top Agent Articles » Getting Rich by Buying in a Down Market

Investing in real estate is one of my favorite subjects.  It is also the one item in my career that has been the largest estate builder.  Using the three main leverage points of real estate has always been a goal....

Top Agent Articles » Getting Ready to Inflate in 2008

It is time to start thinking about your plans on inflating your net for 2008!  As many of you know, some markets are either transitional market or a blood bath market.  In either market, your goal is the same -- you need to increase listings back to critical mass. 


Top Agent Articles » Checklist for Putting on a Realtor Seminar

Here is an action plan to help you form your own "things to do list," while planning your real estate seminar to enrich a local lender. 

Top Agent Articles » Filling a Realtor Seminar in a Tough Market

Real estate seminars can be used to gain notoriety for a local affiliate or even a real estate company.  Through the years, the seminars have been extremely successful for both, but a constant challenge remains – filing the room. 



Top Agent Articles » 24 Ways to ask for a Price Reduction

24 Ways to Ask for a Price Reduction

Top Agent Articles » Thriving in a Challenging Marketplace

Is dealing with bolder buyers and entrenched sellers getting you down?  Famed real estate agent Walter Sanford helps you with 5 ways to survive and even thrive in a tough economy.

Top Agent Articles » Joint Databasing Between the Lender and RealtorŪ

When a real estate agent gives a lender business, I believe that the lender is obligated to do more than close the loan. Building long-term relationships by utilizing the information to build name-recognition with that closed client, their friends, and their family are paramount to building a database! This classic host/parasite relationship always works because both parties receive benefits...


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