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Top Agent Articles » Bolder Buyers, Entrenched Sellers

As the market moves to a more normal stance, real estate agents are scratching their heads. Many real estate agents were weaned in an order-taker’s market. Buyers were rushing to buy before that dream home was snatched up or to get a couple more appreciation points by getting that investment just a little bit earlier...

Top Agent Articles » When do you hire a buyer's agent assistant?

Hiring a buyer’s assistant or buyer’s agent is a very large and expensive decision. The duties of a buyer’s assistant or agent vary as do the compensation plans. Before we delve into those, I would like to discuss whether or not a buyer’s assistant/agent is really profitable...

Top Agent Articles » Integrating Personal Investing with Seller Lead Generation

The first rule in a real estate brokerage business is GET LISTINGS! As many other speakers before me have said, "List to last!" As you remember job one, it is important to understand that you can control more listing sides than you can control buyer sides...

Top Agent Articles » How Deeply Should You Commit to Buyers in Your Real Estate

As you may suspect, the commitment to buyers differs based upon location, type of product, market conditions, and the real estate agent. We have always received evidence that top producing real estate agents work with fewer buyers and more sellers. Even in this age of instant information and aggressive technological-tracking, this still seems to be a pretty safe bet, especially in our "new" market...

Top Agent Articles » You Might Have Gotten Lazy

Walter Sanford talks about the goals of a great listing presentation.

Top Agent Articles » A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.doc

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss


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