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Top Agent Articles » Found the Neighborhood! Now, What?

You can only afford to work hard for committed and motivated buyers. Below is an inquiry from a coaching client. The letter included below will help his listings double, increase his double-ended transactions, fill his database, and impress his buyers.

Top Agent Articles » A Common Request from a New Investor

Many have watched how I used my real estate career as a stepping stone into my real estate investing business. To this day, I still purchase properties so the tenants can amortize the loan with no out of pocket cost to me after taxes. I am able to hold on during the bad times and cash flow with equity increases in the good times.

Top Agent Articles » How Top Producers Do Short Sales

Short sales are the most expensive aspect of any real estate transaction, due to the negotiations involved. It is extremely important to ask for more commission and reduce your time invested. It can easily be done by being more selective with the short sales you choose to work.

Top Agent Articles » Most Agents Can’t Answer These Tough Objections

I teach my coaching clients on how to extend their time on the phone with a great prospect. Each client can answer the questions below when they are talking with a prospect. You might think prospects should just melt at the sound of your voice and hang on your every word when you call.

Top Agent Articles » The Best Agents Initiate Consistent Systems to Obtain Listin

Well, all the sellers are taking “happy pills.” There are more FSBOs, and they are tougher to talk to now. What are my coaching clients doing right now?

Top Agent Articles » Talking to the Internet Lead

Frustration with internet buyer leads turning into closed business is increasing. With internet leads, you have people who just want to look around but have never really been “sold” on working with you. Once you have their email address, it is time to get these prospects to call you so you can close them into a relationship. Get them to answer some questions. Get them pre-approved. Get them to meet you in the office to sign a buyer-brokerage agreement. You will like them more and do a better job if you are more convinced that they will turn into a commission. This little drip system has been working to generate incoming phone calls from anonymous buyers. Try it!

Top Agent Articles » What is Wrong with Real Estate Training Today?

Question and Answer with Walter Sanford about short sales and real estate training.

Top Agent Articles » Just Moved to a New City…Now What?

It’s tough when you’ve built your business and your reputation in a town then you move to an entirely different area to start all over again. How do you start over again? Maybe this Q&A exchange will help with your quandary.

Top Agent Articles » Let Them Interview All the Buyer Agents They Want

Our company provides the best buyer services and value in the nation. If the buyer lead is not convinced and wants to interview more, then this is the interview sheet that my coaching clients give their clients who are gluttons for punishment.

Top Agent Articles » Kill the Competition's Farm

Let’s set the scene – you really want the major share of listings in the neighborhood close to your office, and you want those listings at an average sales price 40% higher than your average closed sales price. The catch – you just found that your competition has been hanging out there for 12 years with doggie treats, pumpkins, and door hangers! Well, it’s time to get to work.


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