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Top Agent Articles » If You’re Going to Retire on Your Net Profit, You’d Better K

Effective real estate brokerage is simply doing the most profitable activities before you do the less profitable activities. One of the greatest mistakes is believing that all net profit producing activities should be done. The great agents – those who retire wealthy – learn quickly that most activities taught today in real estate will end in net profit but only very few maximize net profit. Since maximizing net profit is a special part of real estate to me (a part that I enjoyed and pursued), I’m going to lay out the 25 ways that I believe maximum profit can be obtained from your real estate business.

Top Agent Articles » Integrating Personal Investing with Seller Lead Generation

The first rule in a real estate brokerage business is GET LISTINGS! As many other speakers before me have said, "List to last!" As you remember job one, it is important to understand that you can control more listing sides than you can control buyer sides...

Top Agent Articles » Is It Really Buyer Brokerage.doc

Is It Really Buyer Brokerage

Top Agent Articles » Is the Client Always Right.doc

Is the Client Always Right?

Top Agent Articles » It's Time to Prune.doc

It's Time to Prune

Top Agent Articles » Joint Databasing Between the Lender and Realtor®

When a real estate agent gives a lender business, I believe that the lender is obligated to do more than close the loan. Building long-term relationships by utilizing the information to build name-recognition with that closed client, their friends, and their family are paramount to building a database! This classic host/parasite relationship always works because both parties receive benefits...


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