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Top Agent Articles » Listing Presentation Styles

How do the pros do it -- take listings quickly and have high "sign-through" rates? There are so many strange opinions, but we're sticking to the facts. We only want to show the procedures that lead to a fast turn-around and terms that are saleable with a happy client.

Top Agent Articles » Living the Dream

Your trainer and your training dollars need to go to mentors who have been or are currently where you want to be! There are numerous incarnations of living the dream. Be sure to check out your mentor or trainer before you follow their training to live the dream.

Top Agent Articles » Looking for Advice?

When you’re in the day-to-day trenches of business, sometimes it’s difficult to find someone you can trust for advice.  Someone who isn’t a competitor, who isn’t a team member, who isn’t a family member….many agents seek my advice.  Through the years, we’ve received numerous questions, especially from those who haven’t been able to attend our seminars or own our products.  Below is a small sampling of our most popular questions.  The answers might surprise you!

Top Agent Articles » Low Profit and Low Priority Activities in Real Estate

Sometimes to implement the concepts in this system, you have to make room for them in your business plan.  In my career and now in coaching some of the top agents in North America , it has been proven that an agent must free up time and energy doing low-profit, low-priority, and sometimes down-right stupid activities.

Top Agent Articles » Loyalty to Affiliates

Real estate agents are competitors, but affiliates can be team members. An affiliate is a service provider who affiliates with your business to earn a piece of the transaction. They can be lenders, home warranty providers, title representatives, inspectors, etc. For our purposes here, we're going to use lenders but really the same principles apply to all.

Top Agent Articles » Making Big Bucks Means Getting Ahead of the Trends

My coaching clients are always working not where the puck is, but where the puck is going just like the hockey greats. If you have been watching the premier home builder Toll Brothers, then you see a lot of new hires and new stock prices. Building will be coming back.

Top Agent Articles » Making Up for Lost Time

During the past few years, I would talk with agents across North America, and I could tell there were going to be some bumps in the road.  I would ask the agents to be just a little bit more careful.  I would ask them not to get the 95% interest only loan.  I would ask them to save a little money and not buy so many toys.  I would ask them to watch their overhead and initiate new lead generation systems that would supply a fuller pipeline.

Top Agent Articles » Marketing Tips to Capture a Builder

Getting a large group of homes from a builder can be massively profitable. How do you beat the competition? Well, one of my coaching clients asked that of me the other day, and I shared some of my secrets.

Top Agent Articles » Mentored Production.doc

Mentored Production


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