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Top Agent Articles » Payback Never Pays

The real estate business gives a lot of opportunities for pain from other people: sellers who waste your resources with unrealistic expectations, buyers who cannot pull the trigger, cooperative agents who donít do their job, and peers who usurp your clients. Many times, you cannot foresee the pain from a client, and it becomes a necessary part of our business that comes from us working for free until closing. Coping strategies become necessary.

Top Agent Articles » Pros and Cons of Solo Vs Team.doc

Pros and Cons of Solo Vs Team

Top Agent Articles » Real Energy.doc

Real Energy

Top Agent Articles » Resources for Human Resource Departments

Well, it’s my favorite topic – lead generation!  Below is an exchange that I had recently with an inquisitive agent. 

Top Agent Articles » Salary or Commission Buyer Agents

When you have commissioned buyer agents who do not produce leads (as you have), you will not get them to turn down a showing no matter how little information the buyer shares.  If you have a salaried buyer's agent who handles showings and does the lead generation for secret properties, he or she will be more likely to do what you tell him or her. 


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