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Top Agent Articles » Talking to the Internet Lead

Frustration with internet buyer leads turning into closed business is increasing. With internet leads, you have people who just want to look around but have never really been “sold” on working with you. Once you have their email address, it is time to get these prospects to call you so you can close them into a relationship. Get them to answer some questions. Get them pre-approved. Get them to meet you in the office to sign a buyer-brokerage agreement. You will like them more and do a better job if you are more convinced that they will turn into a commission. This little drip system has been working to generate incoming phone calls from anonymous buyers. Try it!

Top Agent Articles » Teaming Up for Business.doc

Teaming Up for Business

Top Agent Articles » Ten Ways to Increase Your Commission - Part 1

Sanford Systems has the best systems for making money in real estate. Sometimes, our clients forget how to stop discounting and to instead raise their “fee.” This month, we’ll cover five ideas and next month, we’ll share five more.

Top Agent Articles » Ten Ways to Increase Your Commission – Part Two

Last month, we covered the first five ways to increase your commission, and we’re wrapping up the year with the last five ways to increase your commission.

Top Agent Articles » The Avenging Agent.doc

The Avenging Agent


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