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Top Agent Articles » What the Top Agents are Asking

When I receive questions via Email or even in person, it’s difficult to answer the questions fully without knowing the person’s productive level, experience, etc.  Recently, I spoke for a large RE/MAX group, and I asked them to share some questions/concerns with me to answer for them.  You’ll find these questions are quite relevant to most agents and they are from people who are seriously thinking about their career every day.

Top Agent Articles » What to Say to an Annoyed Client

One of my coaching clients recently had a listing client who was annoyed with her regular listing emails. Below is the exchange including the message we used in easing his frustrations and assuring him that work was being done to sell his house.

Top Agent Articles » What You Should Expect From Your Real Estate Agent and Your

hat You Should Expect From Your Real Estate Agent and Your Internet Site

Top Agent Articles » When do you hire a buyer's agent assistant?

Hiring a buyer’s assistant or buyer’s agent is a very large and expensive decision. The duties of a buyer’s assistant or agent vary as do the compensation plans. Before we delve into those, I would like to discuss whether or not a buyer’s assistant/agent is really profitable...

Top Agent Articles » Where do you put your money?

PROVERBS 21:20 – “There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man spendeth it up.”

Top Agent Articles » Why Are Sanford Systems’ Coaching Clients Getting the Deals?

Many times, the ability to overcome an objection will buy you a few more moments, allowing you to build a relationship and turning a frustrating call into a money call. Overcoming objections is one of the reasons my coaching clients are getting the deals from the other agents!

Top Agent Articles » Why Spend Big Money on Leads

For many, it’s simply call reluctance. You just never seem to get around to making those phone calls. I run up against this challenge with even some of the best agents in the country. Call reluctance can freeze you in your tracks, and that’s why coaching can be so important – the prodding needed to get it done and the wording to get it right.

Top Agent Articles » Winner Wilma and Loser Larry

There are winners and losers in every game.  Everyone’s definition of winning and losing is slightly different.  For the purposes of this article, we’ll define a winner as a person who accomplishes their business goals in net profit and time savings.  A loser is defined as someone who does not have either!


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