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Top Agent Articles » Be Your Own Best Client.doc

Be Your Own Best Client

Top Agent Articles » Becoming Wealthy by Prioritizing the Important

In my real estate career, I soon found out that there were great ideas and average ideas. Concentrating on the great ideas made me wealthy. Usually the average stuff is promoted by speakers who have never sold much real estate or writers who have never sold any real estate.

Top Agent Articles » Being a Wimp on the Weak Side

The buyer side is the weak side.  It is a refuge for agents who don’t prepare.  I know these are harsh statements; however, agents who continually think about this business, practice in this business, and are successful in this business consistently carry large listing inventories...

Top Agent Articles » Bolder Buyers, Entrenched Sellers

As the market moves to a more normal stance, real estate agents are scratching their heads. Many real estate agents were weaned in an order-taker’s market. Buyers were rushing to buy before that dream home was snatched up or to get a couple more appreciation points by getting that investment just a little bit earlier...

Top Agent Articles » Business Plans Don't Get Done By Your Agents

As we’re quickly approaching 2012, the popular question among brokers and owners is “How do I get my agents to do more production in 2012?”  Below is my best advice on how to handle this challenge.

Top Agent Articles » Buyers Do Eat Their Young.doc

Buyers Do Eat Their Young

Top Agent Articles » Capture Those Expensive Leads

Through my years of coaching and training agents, I have found the largest training gaps to be in handling leads. Many times, the gap is at the phone level either the incoming phone calls or the follow up phone calls. Many leads are internet-generated and are unresponsive to email communication, requiring a phone call. Remember, you can get phone numbers from leads, if the value you offer on your site is compelling enough.


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