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Top Agent Articles » Eating the "Elephant" with Time Blocking

Without making time for the most profitable activities, I can tell you exactly what will happen -- you are going to be spending time on the most urgent items which are almost never your most profitable activities.  The reason why my lead generation book is so popular with top agents is because it points to the direction of the most profitable activities in real estate. 

Top Agent Articles » Filling a Realtor Seminar in a Tough Market

Real estate seminars can be used to gain notoriety for a local affiliate or even a real estate company.  Through the years, the seminars have been extremely successful for both, but a constant challenge remains – filing the room. 



Top Agent Articles » Follow that Leader.doc

Follow that Leader

Top Agent Articles » Found the Neighborhood! Now, What?

You can only afford to work hard for committed and motivated buyers. Below is an inquiry from a coaching client. The letter included below will help his listings double, increase his double-ended transactions, fill his database, and impress his buyers.

Top Agent Articles » Four Challenges and Solutions from the Front Lines of the Re

There should be more profit-refining rather than adding a new layer of overhead or technology. Sometimes, the basics are not addressed when looking to increase the companyís or individual agentís net returns.

Top Agent Articles » Getting a House Sold.doc

Getting a House Sold


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