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Top Agent Articles » Getting Ready to Inflate in 2008

It is time to start thinking about your plans on inflating your net for 2008!  As many of you know, some markets are either transitional market or a blood bath market.  In either market, your goal is the same -- you need to increase listings back to critical mass. 


Top Agent Articles » Getting Rich by Buying in a Down Market

Investing in real estate is one of my favorite subjects.  It is also the one item in my career that has been the largest estate builder.  Using the three main leverage points of real estate has always been a goal....

Top Agent Articles » Gimme A T.doc

Gimme A T

Top Agent Articles » Godís Word Regarding Real Estate Debt

If only I had been a student of God's word sooner.... The pain I could have avoided and the good I could have done! Now, in a position to coach some of the top agents and make presentations all over the world, I'm careful in what I endorse. Here are 15 changes that I would have made early in my career had I been a better student of the Bible...

Top Agent Articles » Help Your Lender Plan a Walter Sanford Event

You could have a seminar in your town where I could train you and your assistants! In addition to yourself, another who would benefit from such a seminar would be your lender. For years, I teamed up with my lender and suggested activities for him to make more money. One of those ideas was to bring in top real estate training talent. Each time, the lender received kudos from the attendees and earned more potential clients. You, the agent benefits from attending a seminar in his/her hometown rather than traveling across the continent. Below is a great action plan to share with your favorite lender so he or she can plan a great real estate event.

Top Agent Articles » Helping the Less Fortunate

The agents that I coach and the agents I know are, for the most part, fine. They have money in the bank, they are making down payments on cash-flow ďkeeperĒ properties, and they are maintaining large listing inventories. These are survivors who would have made it no matter how bad the market.


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