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Top Agent Articles » We Want More Contemporary and Younger Speakers!

Yes, I was absolutely devastated!  After thirty years in this industry and after training some of the top agents in the country, we actually had one of our prospective clients say to my event coordinator that they were looking for younger and more contemporary speakers.

Top Agent Articles » We’re Going with My Sister, the REALTOR®

How do you handle the “I’m using my cousin/nephew/sister” remark? Got a hold of an expired today and they had no motivation. Decided to wait for 18 months and they are using their nephew. Should I call them back in 9 months?

Top Agent Articles » What a Little Guy Can Do to Become a Big Guy

I get many questions about how to attract agents when you don’t have a “large” system. The answer is a multi-faceted approach with grass roots training, coaching, holding your agents accountable on a regular basis, and yes, even getting rid of the dead weight.

Top Agent Articles » What are Some Habits of Low-Producing Agents?

Want to know what are the most common habits of low-producing agents? Here are Walter's top 25.

Top Agent Articles » What Does the Big Picture Look Like and How Does a Buyer Fit

The information in my products is much easier to use if you understand the basic philosophy of high production real estate. 

Top Agent Articles » What Gets You Up in the Morning

The real estate boom early in the new millennium created many wealthy REALTORS® and lenders. The owners of huge brokerage companies started thinking they were geniuses! Huge homes, second homes, vacations, and cars were on everyone’s lists. When the bubble burst, real estate prices along with many other asset classes plummeted. Many investors and real estate companies declared bankruptcy; many owners found themselves upside down. I had personally been through two other “big bursts” in my 40-year real estate career.

Top Agent Articles » What is Wrong with Real Estate Training Today?

Question and Answer with Walter Sanford about short sales and real estate training.

Top Agent Articles » What the Top 1% Do

This is probably a misleading title.  It’s probably more like “What the Top 1% of the Top 10% Do,” but that was too long of a title…even for me! 


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