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The gifts of giving with love to others with return to you a hundred fold. Thank you for a new level of life. Terry Murphy, Real Estate Speaker


Sample Flyers

Sample Flyers

To download one of our sample flyers, click on one of the folders below:

Name Size
2004momseminar 395.23 KB
Agenda Spring Rally 736.49 KB
Edwk2009registration 1.92 MB
Exitrealty 109.29 KB
Invitationflier 400.24 KB
Nmrealtor Invitation 76.54 KB
Remax Marketing 5.03 MB
Sanfordinvite 81.68 KB
Santacruzworkshop 304.06 KB
Sell More Real Estate In Changing Times Walter Sanford 0.00 B
Sponsorship Flyer 307.92 KB
American Home Flyer 3.22 MB
Communitylending 1,021.70 KB
Countrywidebrochure 2.36 MB
Dubai Marketing Flyer Package 651.57 KB
Explodingestatebizflyer 345.73 KB
Explodingestatebizflyer2 682.30 KB
Firsthomemortgage 100.60 KB
Flyer1ai 1.37 MB
Genericflyer 21.88 KB
Getting Ready For Recovery 212.84 KB
Getting Ready For Recovery2 182.89 KB
Hawaiian 359.74 KB
How To Survive Flyer 62.27 KB
Last Agent Standing 47.27 KB
Lender Promotion Flyer 939.69 KB
Lunch Learn Remax 438.47 KB
Onesource 964.93 KB
Performanceresource 139.98 KB
Personal Invitation 31.34 KB
Realitycheckflyer 16.69 KB
Remaxflyer 3.13 MB
Rolandinternational 135.60 KB
Stewart Pdf 67.75 KB
Stockton Flyer 127.46 KB
Success Systems Of The Superstar Realtor 67.83 KB
Survivalfittest 44.67 KB
Survive And Thrive Flyer 94.04 KB
Survive And Thrive Flyer2 364.40 KB
Tough Market Strategies2 119.47 KB
Walterflyer 924.18 KB
Winningthewar 125.45 KB
Wowbiz1 78.99 KB
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To utilize our flyer templates, please click here.  PLEASE READ THE “HOW TO” FILE BEFORE BEGINNING WORK ON THE CUSTOMIZATION!

Twenty Things Every Flyer Should Have

1. Fun event title and main sponsor

2. Day and date of event

3. Time of expected arrival (example: registration and coffee at 8:15am)

4. Time and length of event (example: session runs from 9am to 1pm)

5. Location and address

6. Cost, both pre-event and at the event

7. Meal function descriptions (example: Continental breakfast 8am to 9am or “lunch on your own”)

8. At least five benefits for attending (not features); they should start with “The attendee will be able to….”

9. A list of who should attend, i. e. REALTORS®, managers, lenders, affiliates, assistants, etc.

10. How to register – phone, fax, email, your website, etc.

11. Where to go for driving directions if all of your attendees are not local

12. Instructions on what to do if they have questions or need more information: phone and email address

13. Program highlights including guest speaker, bios, session descriptions, etc.

14. Previous attendee testimonials, if applicable

15. Sponsor’s names, if appropriate

16. Your cancellation policy

17. Instructions to bring a sweater or light jacket, if appropriate

18. Instructions on where to park

19. Suggestions to bring a notebook or notebook computer

20. Suggestions of what to do after the seminar in the neighborhood (example: attractions, events, etc)



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