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Top Agent Articles » We’re Going with My Sister, the REALTOR®

How do you handle the “I’m using my cousin/nephew/sister” remark? Got a hold of an expired today and they had no motivation. Decided to wait for 18 months and they are using their nephew. Should I call them back in 9 months?

Top Agent Articles » Thoughts on Being a Top Producer

California Association of REALTORS® Interview with Walter Sanford: Thank you for the opportunity to help with your article about top producers. Here are your questions and my answers.

Top Agent Articles » What a Little Guy Can Do to Become a Big Guy

I get many questions about how to attract agents when you don’t have a “large” system. The answer is a multi-faceted approach with grass roots training, coaching, holding your agents accountable on a regular basis, and yes, even getting rid of the dead weight.

Top Agent Articles » What are Some Habits of Low-Producing Agents?

Want to know what are the most common habits of low-producing agents? Here are Walter's top 25.

Top Agent Articles » Living the Dream

Your trainer and your training dollars need to go to mentors who have been or are currently where you want to be! There are numerous incarnations of “living the dream.” Be sure to check out your mentor or trainer before you follow their training to live the dream.

Top Agent Articles » Discount Brokers and FSBO Mills Are Easy to Beat

Below is an exchange with a seminar attendee. He is having trouble with a FSBO mill in a good market. You know great markets are not forever, but if they were, you are still better than the discount that they give!

Top Agent Articles » Learning the Important Stuff in Real Estate

Recently, I received an inquiry John, an old friend and super-agent. Here is his question.

Top Agent Articles » Helping the Less Fortunate

The agents that I coach and the agents I know are, for the most part, fine. They have money in the bank, they are making down payments on cash-flow “keeper” properties, and they are maintaining large listing inventories. These are survivors who would have made it no matter how bad the market.

Top Agent Articles » Capture Those Expensive Leads

Through my years of coaching and training agents, I have found the largest training gaps to be in handling leads. Many times, the gap is at the phone level – either the incoming phone calls or the follow up phone calls. Many leads are internet-generated and are unresponsive to email communication, requiring a phone call. Remember, you can get phone numbers from leads, if the value you offer on your site is compelling enough.

Top Agent Articles » Learn the Approach for Assisted Living Centers

This month, many of my coaching clients are soliciting assisted living centers. We love clients with motivation, and making the move to assisted living centers provides that motivation quotient for our coaching clients.


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