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Top Agent Articles » 20_questions_to_ask_a_seller.doc

20 questions to ask a seller

Top Agent Articles » 24 Ways to ask for a Price Reduction

24 Ways to Ask for a Price Reduction

Top Agent Articles » A Common Request from a New Investor

Many have watched how I used my real estate career as a stepping stone into my real estate investing business. To this day, I still purchase properties so the tenants can amortize the loan with no out of pocket cost to me after taxes. I am able to hold on during the bad times and cash flow with equity increases in the good times.

Top Agent Articles » A Compilation of Goals from My Coaching Clients

Many times, new coaching clients donít know what to ask for. They donít get ďturned onĒ until they hear what others are planning to get. Real estate sales is like a buffet -- almost anything you can imagine. My clients tweak lead generation, answer objections with value, speed up the process, and donít get involved in bad deals or with low/no profit individuals. They start seeing their needs met and then seed capital for the future.

Top Agent Articles » A Desperate Plea

Sometimes, I get an email that makes me sad.  How does this happen?  Is it bad training?  It is an improper focus on buyers?  Is the person in the wrong business?  The only solution is to give them a simple plan and see if they do it.  If done everyday and they have any people-pleasing abilities, they will be a success.  If it is not done, we know the real answer.

Top Agent Articles » A Great Real Estate Agent Buys Real Estate

Investing in real estate is one of my favorite subjects and the one item in my career that has been my largest estate builder.  Using the three main leverage points of real estate has always been my goal. 

Top Agent Articles » A Mixed Up Seller

Have a mixed up seller?  Maybe this exchange will help you in dealing with your challenge, too.

Top Agent Articles » A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss.doc

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss


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