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Top Agent Articles » Owners, Brokers, and Managers Leave Clues to Success

I have the privilege of speaking at several franchise and board events.  I personally sold a house a day over a long career, and I understand other offices that “get it.”

In meeting the top brokers and managers, I have found some commonalities.  Below are systems that are currently active in the top offices in North America...

Top Agent Articles » How Do You Handle Office Misunderstandings?

Getting along in an office can be frustrating.  You have so many considerations.  Even though you may be right, you must consider the damage to the relationship you have with the other agent in the office, with your broker, and the other agents in the office.  Don’t forget your client who might hear any negative news, too...

Top Agent Articles » Looking for Advice?

When you’re in the day-to-day trenches of business, sometimes it’s difficult to find someone you can trust for advice.  Someone who isn’t a competitor, who isn’t a team member, who isn’t a family member….many agents seek my advice.  Through the years, we’ve received numerous questions, especially from those who haven’t been able to attend our seminars or own our products.  Below is a small sampling of our most popular questions.  The answers might surprise you!

Top Agent Articles » I Always Loved My Board of Realtors

I never understood all that complaining about yearly dues.  The legal help lines, the continuing education opportunities, the store, and the new technology were all items that I used every year. 

Top Agent Articles » We Want More Contemporary and Younger Speakers!

Yes, I was absolutely devastated!  After thirty years in this industry and after training some of the top agents in the country, we actually had one of our prospective clients say to my event coordinator that they were looking for younger and more contemporary speakers.

Top Agent Articles » Eating the "Elephant" with Time Blocking

Without making time for the most profitable activities, I can tell you exactly what will happen -- you are going to be spending time on the most urgent items which are almost never your most profitable activities.  The reason why my lead generation book is so popular with top agents is because it points to the direction of the most profitable activities in real estate. 

Top Agent Articles » A Great Real Estate Agent Buys Real Estate

Investing in real estate is one of my favorite subjects and the one item in my career that has been my largest estate builder.  Using the three main leverage points of real estate has always been my goal. 

Top Agent Articles » There Are POSITIVE Things You Can Do in a NEGATIVE market!

Recently, I have been deluged with Emails and calls from concerned owners, managers, and brokers about huge inventories, cement-head sellers, and buyers still waiting for the bottom of the market.  There is a business plan that I used in tough markets.  This business plan worked unbelievably well, and now, my coaching clients across the nation are using it to move production to pre-2006 levels.

Top Agent Articles » A Top Agentís Business Plan

This is a business plan for a 50-transaction a year agent with two assistants who have goals to double your business. 

Top Agent Articles » What the Top Agents are Asking

When I receive questions via Email or even in person, it’s difficult to answer the questions fully without knowing the person’s productive level, experience, etc.  Recently, I spoke for a large RE/MAX group, and I asked them to share some questions/concerns with me to answer for them.  You’ll find these questions are quite relevant to most agents and they are from people who are seriously thinking about their career every day.


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