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Top Agent Articles » How Deeply Should You Commit to Buyers in Your Real Estate

As you may suspect, the commitment to buyers differs based upon location, type of product, market conditions, and the real estate agent. We have always received evidence that top producing real estate agents work with fewer buyers and more sellers. Even in this age of instant information and aggressive technological-tracking, this still seems to be a pretty safe bet, especially in our "new" market...

Top Agent Articles » How Do You Handle Office Misunderstandings?

Getting along in an office can be frustrating.  You have so many considerations.  Even though you may be right, you must consider the damage to the relationship you have with the other agent in the office, with your broker, and the other agents in the office.  Don’t forget your client who might hear any negative news, too...

Top Agent Articles » How Top Producers Do Short Sales

Short sales are the most expensive aspect of any real estate transaction, due to the negotiations involved. It is extremely important to ask for more commission and reduce your time invested. It can easily be done by being more selective with the short sales you choose to work.

Top Agent Articles » I Always Loved My Board of Realtors

I never understood all that complaining about yearly dues.  The legal help lines, the continuing education opportunities, the store, and the new technology were all items that I used every year. 

Top Agent Articles » I Don't Wanna Pay That Much.doc

I Don't Wanna Pay That Much

Top Agent Articles » I Gotta an Itch to Niche.doc

I Gotta an Itch to Niche

Top Agent Articles » I'm in Love with Divorce Attorneys

I recently received an inquiry about working with divorce attorneys, a practice that I did regularly as an agent in “no-fault” California!  I thought the exchange of information might be helpful to you in your lead generation systems, too.


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