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Top Agent Articles » A Top Agentís Business Plan

This is a business plan for a 50-transaction a year agent with two assistants who have goals to double your business. 

Top Agent Articles » America's Tax System.doc

America's Tax System

Top Agent Articles » Are You Doing All You Can Do?

My goal in real estate was to leverage my time so that I was getting the maximum amount of income out of every exertion of energy. I never liked showing property much, but I really wanted the listing. In fact, I did whatever was ethical to become the most recognized REALTORģ in my area. This system is a little aggressive, not for the faint of heart. I never considered it solicitation of a seller, just feedback; however, the results were many sellers ended up knowing me and paying more attention to my expired solicitation.

Top Agent Articles » Are You Fanning Your Fans.doc

Are You Fanning Your Fans

Top Agent Articles » Are You Going to Do the Same Things Again?

Going to bed late, waking up late -- the world is already at your doorstep so thereís no time to exercise. Maybe you will take a look at Facebook. Oops! Where did that 40 minutes go?

Top Agent Articles » Are You Ready for Coaching.doc

Are You Ready for Coaching

Top Agent Articles » Are You Thinking about Opening Your Own Place?

Recently, I was asked to answer some questions regarding an agent opening their own brokerage. Below are the questions with my responses, which have been taken from my personal experience and my experience with my clients.


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