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Top Agent Articles » Payback Never Pays

The real estate business gives a lot of opportunities for pain from other people: sellers who waste your resources with unrealistic expectations, buyers who cannot pull the trigger, cooperative agents who don’t do their job, and peers who usurp your clients. Many times, you cannot foresee the pain from a client, and it becomes a necessary part of our business that comes from us working for free until closing. Coping strategies become necessary.

Top Agent Articles » Helping the Less Fortunate

The agents that I coach and the agents I know are, for the most part, fine. They have money in the bank, they are making down payments on cash-flow “keeper” properties, and they are maintaining large listing inventories. These are survivors who would have made it no matter how bad the market.

Top Agent Articles » Why Spend Big Money on Leads

For many, it’s simply call reluctance. You just never seem to get around to making those phone calls. I run up against this challenge with even some of the best agents in the country. Call reluctance can freeze you in your tracks, and that’s why coaching can be so important – the prodding needed to get it done and the wording to get it right.

Top Agent Articles » Where do you put your money?

PROVERBS 21:20 – “There is treasure to be desired and oil in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man spendeth it up.”

Top Agent Articles » Coaching 9-1-1

Having a coach can provide the right answers when you need it. Below is an exchange with one of our coaching clients and it provided a little “911” for his current situation...

Top Agent Articles » What to Say to an Annoyed Client

One of my coaching clients recently had a listing client who was annoyed with her regular listing emails. Below is the exchange including the message we used in easing his frustrations and assuring him that work was being done to sell his house.

Top Agent Articles » How Top Producers Do Short Sales

Short sales are the most expensive aspect of any real estate transaction, due to the negotiations involved. It is extremely important to ask for more commission and reduce your time invested. It can easily be done by being more selective with the short sales you choose to work.

Top Agent Articles » The Best Agents Initiate Consistent Systems to Obtain Listin

Well, all the sellers are taking “happy pills.” There are more FSBOs, and they are tougher to talk to now. What are my coaching clients doing right now?

Top Agent Articles » Ten Ways to Increase Your Commission - Part 1

Sanford Systems has the best systems for making money in real estate. Sometimes, our clients forget how to stop discounting and to instead raise their “fee.” This month, we’ll cover five ideas and next month, we’ll share five more.

Top Agent Articles » If You’re Going to Retire on Your Net Profit, You’d Better K

Effective real estate brokerage is simply doing the most profitable activities before you do the less profitable activities. One of the greatest mistakes is believing that all net profit producing activities should be done. The great agents – those who retire wealthy – learn quickly that most activities taught today in real estate will end in net profit but only very few maximize net profit. Since maximizing net profit is a special part of real estate to me (a part that I enjoyed and pursued), I’m going to lay out the 25 ways that I believe maximum profit can be obtained from your real estate business.


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