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Industry Team Articles » Joint Databasing Between the Lender and Realtor®

When a real estate agent gives a lender business, I believe that the lender is obligated to do more than close the loan. Building long-term relationships by utilizing the information to build name-recognition with that closed client, their friends, and their family are paramount to building a database! This classic host/parasite relationship always works because both parties receive benefits.

Top Agent Articles » Just Moved to a New City…Now What?

It’s tough when you’ve built your business and your reputation in a town then you move to an entirely different area to start all over again. How do you start over again? Maybe this Q&A exchange will help with your quandary.

Top Agent Articles » Kill the Competition's Farm

Let’s set the scene – you really want the major share of listings in the neighborhood close to your office, and you want those listings at an average sales price 40% higher than your average closed sales price. The catch – you just found that your competition has been hanging out there for 12 years with doggie treats, pumpkins, and door hangers! Well, it’s time to get to work.

Top Agent Articles » Killing Clients with Kindness and Value

Sometimes, we need to "kill" our clients with kindness and offer value. I know it goes against everything in our nature to turn the other cheek when they are being mean. Recently, a coaching client had some challenges with a particular client, and I'm sure you have also worked with the kind of client who discourages you so much that you just want to hit the delete button! How about offering a response that increases your fame and makes the client always wonder what they may be missing? They might not list with you, but they will never forget you.

Top Agent Articles » Knowing When It's the Right Buyer

Sometimes, you have the right buyer who wants to buy from a seller that you think should have the motivation to sell.  This process can be frustrating. 

Top Agent Articles » Learn the Approach for Assisted Living Centers

This month, many of my coaching clients are soliciting assisted living centers. We love clients with motivation, and making the move to assisted living centers provides that motivation quotient for our coaching clients.

Top Agent Articles » Learning the Important Stuff in Real Estate

Recently, I received an inquiry John, an old friend and super-agent. Here is his question.

Top Agent Articles » Let Them Interview All the Buyer Agents They Want

Our company provides the best buyer services and value in the nation. If the buyer lead is not convinced and wants to interview more, then this is the interview sheet that my coaching clients give their clients who are gluttons for punishment.

Top Agent Articles » Let’s Admit It’s Bad and Help Our Agents through It

Our agents are facing dropping prices, buyers without the hope of future appreciation, and FICO scores that aren’t up to par.  Sellers are watching the equity that they have already spent disappear.  Banks are pushing the short sale envelope until it rips.  Shadow inventory with Alt A option arm re-adjustments are now coming to join the party.  The government is spending more than the printing press can handle, debasing a currency that the lenders expect to get back 30 years from now.  Are they going to continue to lend at 6%?  You have not seen anything yet!  So, get ready to change the way you do business…or move over.

Top Agent Articles » Leveraging Mundane Activities

When I coach, we set up consistent, inexpensive lead generation activities for sellers. Some require a complete overhaul, and some require only small tweaks. Do you look for the small tweaks? You know, tweaks like those easy-to-include, natural moves taken within a mundane (but necessary) real estate activity. I have devised hundreds of these "tweaks" over the years. Proven and tested, each produces a new client when implemented. You have to be smart in this business while trying to get it done well - all within 50 hours a week. This is why efficiency is so important. Here are a few of the hundreds of small tweaks that don't add much to time or overhead but will produce big results...


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