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Top Agent Articles » Save Some Time with a Résumé Reading Checklist

Walter Sanford has championed checklist systems for over 30 years. He has a time-saving checklist for everything you probably will ever do in real estate.

Top Agent Articles » Selling From The Stage.doc

Selling From The Stage

Top Agent Articles » Sick and Tired.doc

Sick and Tired

Top Agent Articles » Six Percent Is Dead for Loser Real Estate Agents

With all of the discussion from the talking heads about new platforms to run this wonderful business, I am perplexed why our commission-based system is so hard to understand.

Top Agent Articles » So Many Different Business Plans, Which Do You Choose?

Do you ever get confused on what business aspect you should implement next?  Just about ANYTHING is better than doing nothing at all while you wait for the business to come to you; however, is there one that is THE BEST?

Top Agent Articles » Start Helping Expired Listings Sell Their Homes

Many of you are looking for unique ways to solicit expireds. My coaching clients use multi-media solicitations to this hot demographic group. They solicit expired listing owners by adding the line "Helping Expired Listings Sell Their Homes" to their postcards, letters, voice mail messages, emails, blogs, website, social media, and any place else an expired seller may see the offer.

Top Agent Articles » Stupid Staging

There are times when the real estate culture can really hurt you.  The rabid adherence to having your sellers stage a property can be detrimental to them and you, as their agent.  I am sure there are instances in past markets where homes sold faster and for more money, but is it really working well in this market?  


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