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Dear Walter, It was a pleasure meeting you during your recent event in Laguna Hills, CA. I appreciate the material your covered during the event and wanted to thank you for your generosity on gifting me the "Beating the Competition" sales system. Jose U. Jaramillo, Keller Williams


MY SECRET TO GOAL PLANNING:  2018 STARTS NOW November 17th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Bunching…boiling your goals down to the common denominator, make it simple stupid….all go through my head when goal planning.  You got to have goals, you have to write them down, you have to look at them at least once a week…you have all heard that and it is correct.  What they don’t tell you is that it is easy to become overwhelmed and feeling lost because of the work on your plate.  I was the best in real estate because I focused on the most important aspect, let me explain.  My goals of riches, property, free time, giving were all made easier with net profit cash flow.  I needed cash for down payments, I needed cash to buy free time by hiring assistants to house keepers, I needed cash to give or hire people that could give…It seemed that most (not all) of the goals were made easier with cash.  Cash came from closings, closing came from buyers, most of my buyers came from my listings and most of my listings came from effective lead generation systems….that was the nexus, the start.  Sure I had to smell good and care about my clients but it really started with finding a seller that needed my services.  Therefore, I became a heat seeking missile, looking for a listing presentation.  Therefore every year I started 10 new ways to find a seller, cut the costs in doing so, be more efficient in doing so, and effecting the seller’s life for the positive.  I became so passionate about it that I became very good at it…some say the best.  Heck, my products that I sell started out as my original goals, that turned into systems, that turned into manuals and checklists, that turned into the best real estate products ever written.  (ok, short commercial:  It worked so well that I slowed down real estate brokerage and started speaking and selling my manuals.  I upgraded the manuals every year for 30 years.  Real estate groups hired me to come speak to them all over the world.  I sold them my library of manuals, cd’s and dvd’s for $1500.00 us.  Travel is tough and I am getting old so last month I stopped traveling and now just manage the real estate that I bought for myself.  I have a warehouse of product wrapped in cellophane, brand new, ready to go out.  About 7000 pages, all the software.  The best (how to get rich) in real estate products in the world, go look at them here) because while they last and they will never be printed again I am selling them for $90.00 my cost.  You will have the best real estate library for recruitment, production, systems  that will make you rich, but only while they last.  When they are gone, they are gone. (end of commercial).

So the goal was simple every year.  Find 10 new ways to find sellers, cheaply and efficiently and change their lives so that they would tell others.  This one goal effected every other part of my life that I wanted to improve.  I had more money, more free time, I could give to my church and my family, friends.  I could bump into a nice “deal” and buy it,  I was less stressed and nicer to everyone.  Simple….one goal every year that made me into a real estate missile.  Oh, one more goal, I wanted to follow Jesus but how can you follow if you don’t his teachings well enough.  So my second goal was to study the Bible.  Time blocked study.  My third goal was health…yeah kinda tied into the first one…health is wealth.

So now I only had three goals.  Sure there were some sub-goals, but three biggies.  It was easy to concentrate.  Easy to implement.  And when I made improvements it made monumental changes in my life and others.  So make it simple this week for 2018 and move the big pieces first.  And remember, if you or someone you know needs help, spend a few bucks and get that box of 45 pounds of books and software and add one more goal….a page a day.

SOMETIMES YOUR AGENTS ACT LIKE ENTITLED BABIES… November 8th, 2017 | Posted in Other Interests

“I want more leads, I want a better split, we need this…we need that!”

Hi, my name is Walter Sanford and I was one of the top producing Realtors in North America for 30 years…you may have been to one of my seminars.  I still coach some of the top agents in the industry, but I am not going to travel any longer.  When I was on the road, I sold my products.  Books and software that started from my manuals that I wrote for my assistants 25 years ago.  I re-wrote them every year as we learned new things that worked to increase my business.  Soon owners, brokers and managers were hiring me and coming to my seminars.

Fast forward to today.  I have a warehouse of the best and easiest learning materials in real estate.  On every major profit center in real estate: Lead generation, listing presentation, checklists, web content, buyer systems, scripts and marketing.  There even is a training book that takes a new or burnt out agent by the hand every day for 3 months with a group of exercises for every day!  All ten of my products have been priced at $1500.00 for the last few years.  Brokers, owners, managers bought the library for their office.  They used it for recruiting, training and for adding value to their office.  They would listen to what interested their agent and then found the system in my book that would achieve their agents’ goals.  The agent then went step by step to implement.  Their agents loved it!  Obviously the top agents bought a set for themselves.  The teams used it as their “go to” resource.

So here is the good news:  Over  5000 pages, data cd’s, dvd’s, audio cd’s…in a box that weighs 45 pounds…everything that I have ever produced, brand new. Cellophane wrapped for $90.00.  That is my production cost.  It is time to end this chapter of my life and give back to the industry that has given so much to me.  I want to empty the warehouse.  When this inventory is gone there will never be any more produced.  I am living the dream that a great real estate career can produce and that allows me to make a difference at your office or offices.  Buy more than one set, use it as a recruitment inducement, have more real training than your competition.  No fluff, all real systems for today that really work as testified by some of the top agents in the world (link).  Go to my site and get the box coming to you for only $90 plus shipping….This is exactly the same package, everything that I have ever produced, that sold for $1500 just a few weeks ago.  Go here now to buy now!

More tidbits on how to retire from real estate wealthy… October 30th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

So the questions keep coming in.  When did you start to plan for retirement?  What were the first steps?  How did you pick a date?  There are so many, it will take a bunch of posts to cover.  So let’s get started!  I planned for retirement by getting into a business that had multiple ways to accumulate wealth.  Real estate was the obvious choice.  As an agent with great lead generation skills I was able to control my listing inventory, using it to attract buyers.  I learned early that I had to live on 70% of my income.  10% for investment into down payments and 20% for income taxes.  (That was never enough until I started to shelter income with depreciation from real estate holdings).  You better learn quickly how to make money in real estate brokerage!  Go here and get my training program, better than 90% of the coaches out there for what it cost me…I am virtually giving it away as a thank you to the industry.

Then I shunned the flipping industry and started to buy decent real estate that I could afford with less than a 20% down payment…(commissions or partners were used) and bought cash flow real estate and let the tenants pay off the mortgages.  I was making great money in real estate brokerage so every rent increase went to principal reduction.  I manualized my real estate brokerage operation and rental operation and sold the information to clients who wanted to emulate what we were doing.  What a great business….every piece of real estate that I researched for a client was a potential purchase.  Every tenant a potential buyer and every investor a potential seller.  Leverage, tax shelter and a business that allowed me to make down payment money while researching real estate.

The date of retirement was always elusive.  It came down to an easy decision.  Stop when I found something more interesting.  Buying, renting, restoring and building rental property is more fun for me….also I am the only client that I have to jump for.

The first step is to make sure you are making the most money you can after you get your license.  There are hundreds of things that you can do that I guarantee your competition is not doing.  Get the package that I sold on the road for $1500.00 for only $90.00 while the inventory lasts…go here!

A Message From Walter October 18th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

Does your work please God? October 17th, 2017 | Posted in General Real Estate, Other Interests, Real Estate

I have to watch myself all the time….short attention span and a tendency to become annoyed have been my discouraging trademarks.  So, I have to take time to explain that I am not going to reconfigure the cabinets in the kitchen because my tenant bought a new refrigerator that does not fit, the same tenant that has still not paid for extra work that he agreed to pay me for last year.  I did not do well with that yesterday.  How about the tenant that is allowed to break their lease if they buy a home from my wife as long as it is during the summer so that we do not have to do a turnaround during the winter?  He bought the home, is moving December 1 and still wants to break the lease.  I had to take a deep breath and let him know the facts, but told him that I would do everything that we could do to rent in quickly and mitigate his damages.  I was better with that one.  How about the tenant that is so rough on the home that I have actually seen their kids bashing the ac unit with a huge branch.  Today he called, knowing that appliances are the tenants responsibility and asked when the refrigerator repair man will be out.  I smiled over the phone and pointed out the lease clause that said it was his responsibility to have the refrigerator repaired.  I felt much better about this and knew that I handled it with respect for my tenant.  He seemed to be more understanding than usual and even offered to take the big branch away from his son.  It is good to treat people as you would want to be treated.

Oh, by the way, getting to God is easy.  Just go to a Bible teaching church for a while…God will convict your heart to move forward.  Tenants however are tough.  This retirement means that I have to run the rentals as I did my real estate brokerage business.  I have manuals on both.  The best products in real estate.  The package sold for $1500 on the circuit, now I am blowing out my warehouse to make room for….you guessed it….refrigerators.  Get the package that has made thousands of agents all over the world but especially in North America rich by increasing your net commission income in less time and then investing the extra in cash flow real estate that you find while you are doing your brokerage business.  Genius and proven and now….cheap.  Ninety bucks plus shipping gets you a 45 pound box of all my newest software and manuals.  When they go, they are gone forever. Go here to get yours now!


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