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Presentation Guarantee

It is no secret that a speaker’s income is derived from book, CD, DVD, and ancillary service sales which normally occur at the back of a room after that speaker’s presentation.

Lately, we’ve noticed an increase in reports from our clients and potential sponsors about many speakers who are using 25-50% of their training time to pitch products — an infomercial at your expense!

We, at Sanford Systems, prefer to rely on age-old sales techniques:

1. Come in with an attitude of giving.

2. Care about the attendee first.

3. Deliver more usable, profitable ideas per minute than any other industry speaker or trainer.

When we do our job, the result is always the same! If you have the same high quality in the products that you offer – they will sell themselves. The attendee will want more information and sales will occur in the back of the room as a natural follow-through.

We know this procedure works because it’s the edict we’ve strictly followed for the last eight years. We call it: The Sanford System Presentation Guarantee.  Walter Sanford will spend less than a total of eight minutes reviewing product and, more importantly, spelling out special seminar prices for your group of REALTORS® or lenders. Product is not mentioned again. If Walter violates this pact, the sponsor’s speaker fee is completely waived.


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