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Dear Walter, It was a pleasure meeting you during your recent event in Laguna Hills, CA. I appreciate the material your covered during the event and wanted to thank you for your generosity on gifting me the "Beating the Competition" sales system. Jose U. Jaramillo, Keller Williams


Product Testimonials


Hello Walter. Just wanted to touch base to share with you what I used the dynamite sticks for this past summer. (I received them when I purchased your program at the TREB REALTOR® Quest.)

I sponsor a hole at a golf tournament in Winnipeg each year and raise funds for their Shelter.

This year I made it a “Dynamite Day” by selling sticks of dynamite which in turn put the golfers name in for a draw on a bose stereo, an outdoor firepit, a fitbit and a few other great prizes.

I was able to raise a couple of thousand dollars and all the golfers drove around with a stick of dynamite on their cart. Great use for a great cause…….you should have seen the look on the people at security at the airport ….lol

Anyway, just wanted to share!

Laura L. Leyser
RE/MAX a-b Realty Ltd., Brokerage

I met Walter as a new agent and immediately hired him as my coach, attended his “round table” discussions in Long Beach, and to no surprise, grew my business from Zero to Hero using his Firecracker mailers and the Expired letters! I’m nearing 1000 closed now, and to this day follow Walters systems, and use his scripts and checklists daily.

Stephen Miller, Broker
Orange County, CA

Ray Mikus from Green Light Real Estate was kind enough to stop by our booth and took a moment to share his nice words about Walter’s training materials.
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Thank you very much.  I have just completed my first year in the business.  I started using your systems on day 1.  I was able to close over $123,000 in commission this first year.  I have purchased If I Could Start Over Again, Grow Your Leads, Super Emails, and Beating the Competition.  These books helped provide me with the plan, content and mind set to help me be successful.


Robert M. Threlkeld, Affiliate Broker
RE/MAX Preferred Properties

I’ve already implemented Walter’s Third Party Endorsement letter with great success on my appointments that were set up.  I sent them out Walter’s Pre-Listing Meeting packet and they filled everything out and sent it all back to me, and laughed at the speed of my team, that they had already gotten a letter from my Mortgage Team bragging about how great my team is.

LOVE IT!  My Buyers Agent is devouring Walter’s Buyer Program as we speak.  I’ll keep you filled in as we proceed.  Thank you for all your help, and please make sure to Thank Walter for his generous sharing of his amazing materials.  It is a huge help.

Scott Ashbaugh
Prudential Preferred Realtors

I purchased the Grow Your Leads system at the NAR convention in Orlando.  I am loving  his stuff.  I can’t put it down!  I loved talking with Walter at NAR.  He got me excited again about real estate.  I was considering getting out!!

Elizabeth Hawthorne
Exit Realty of Lakeland

Walter, I have an interesting story that I thought you might enjoy. I have been a REALTOR® for 21 years. I have attended several of your seminars over the years. I was runner-up for rookie of the year for ERA nationally in 1990. I have lived in Bend, OR for the past 16 years.

We have seen hard times the last 3 years or so but have had a resurgence the past 6 months and are busier than ever. It looks like we will have a strong 2011. Due to a family tragedy, I will have to relocate to Boise this summer. It will be hard to leave will business booming and leaving my referral network I worked so hard to build. I do not know a soul in Boise and will be starting from scratch.

During one of your seminars, I picked up “If I Could Start Over Again.”  Because I had been busy, I never bothered to really study it so it gathered dust for the past 10 years or so. As I formulated a strategy to try to “hit the flooring running in Boise,” I remembered your book.  I started studying it with a highlighter in hand. I came away with a very good gameplan for starting over again in Boise thanks to your book.

Being an old horse in the business, thinking I know it all, it was refreshing to read it with an open mind and coming away excited about the move. I feel very confident the learning curve has been made easier with ideas from your book. I wanted to say thanks. I will let you know how your systems and ideas work as I start from scratch to build a brand new business in the highly competitive city of Boise, ID.

Sincerely, Rick

Larry Rogawski

Mr. Sanford, no one has done more to make me a top agent than you and I thank you.  I purchased your system back in 2000 & ran a full page ad in the paper the next day with a picture of me “Walking on Water.”  I went on to become the top agent in my area for 8 straight years thanks to you!  While I have the hard copy of your 360 letters from back then that, with minor tweaking, are still effective today!  ….By the way, people STILL refer to me as the guy who “Walks On Water”!  Thanks again!

Karen Yager
Coldwell Banker First Realtors

Hi Walter,

Oct. 11, I attended your full day presentation at EdCon in Seattle and purchased 9 of your products. I can’t begin to thank you for sharing your complete systems that every top realtor has to develop or purchase. Beating the Competition and Grow Your Leads have so many excellent ideas that I am in the process of implementing. Now I can see why you displayed so much energy, enthusiasm, and confidence when you spoke at EdCon. If I performed at this level, I would, too.

I really appreciate your details in the books regarding how, why, when, and to whom we should use the materials. I don’t think you left out anything! Of course, I had no idea that I could engage a lender and benefit both of us so well. This is a great idea with lots of supporting letters that I will implement. I can’t thank you enough for all that you do to share your knowledge, wisdom, and experience with the real estate community. Keep up the great work—we need your energy and expertise so we can rise from the ashes of stagnant-and-mediocre markets and from our own complacency as winners. I’m ready!

Wayne Furlong

So there I was in a funk.  After 40 months of floundering in a sea of despair.  I really needed to reinvent myself and move on to at least make a living.  My brother in Daytona, Aswin Suri, said “Walter is coming.  Why don’t you come up?”

Well, it was a 5-hour drive.  After your class, I was transformed from a “poor me,” no money, no life guy to a guy with 40 saleable listings, 22 closings, and 2 closings over $38,000 commission each.  Now I have a program on Clear Channel AM Radio 1580 called “Wayne’s & Nicks World of Real Estate” with major sponsors (OPM Other People’s Money!) and best of all, I have the confidence of being a top agent in a hot market.

Thanks, Walter.  I have named my kids and animals after you!

Rob Vanovermeire

Our market is tough but I’ve remained profitable using your lead generating program.  I love your systems, they work if you actually work them.

Michael Huber
Exit Realty

Dear Walter Sanford,

Thank you for coming to Disney-free Daytona Beach for your seminar yesterday and thanks also for holding back the “letters-module” that I selected in favor of mailing me the new edition, soon to be hot off the press.

I’m expecting to send you another big “THANK YOU” at the end of my 2010 year using your methods.

P.S. You are a genius. Most emails get passed over for later (or never). Email with the subject “Secret Properties not Yet in the MLS” gets opened NOW!

Jose U. Jaramillo
Keller Williams

Dear Walter,

It was a pleasure meeting you during your recent event in Laguna Hills, CA. I appreciate the material your covered during the event and wanted to thank you for your generosity on gifting me the “Beating the Competition” sales system.

Groff from Bank of America delivered recently and I am already implementing it in by business. Sincere thanks I look forward to attending another of your seminars in the future.

Beating the Competiton Every Time
Leigh Giannotti, Exit Realty

Yesterday we had a YOLO moment! Your Once In A Lifetime Opportunity! 6 Central Florida EXiT Brokers pooled their money and invited Walter Sanford to come speak to our agents about “Beating the Competition Every Time!” What a great return on our investment! The agents are wildly motivated!

Walter is a fantastic presenter. My favorite thing about him is that he isn’t “airy fairy.” He delivers the goods! We learned things we can actually apply immediately to grow our business! He makes you roar with laughter and is slightly mean…what I mean by that is, he says the things that are HARD to hear!

Tony and I bought all one thousand dollars of his real estate marketing library for our agents! With Walter’s permission, we allow them to download the materials onto their CDs or thumb drives so that they may have it forever! It is actually a thousand dollar gift of marketing that we are giving each agent! We do all we can to HELP our agents succeed!!!

Top Dog Marketing System
Vince Arcuri, ERA

Walter, I just used another marketing idea from you that is kicking @*(.  (It was) from your Top Dog System.  I have copied these ads over the years with UNREAL success, mostly with farming postcards and not with magazine ads like you did….. but it still works.  I have used so many of them I lost count!

In 2008, I finished #1 worldwide with ERA (Arcuri Team) and we just jumped to EXIT Realty!  Can’t wait to meet you in person and I hope to get a picture with you so we can add it to the celebrity section of my website!  See you in September!

Letter 401: The Advanced Course
Lindsay Mann, Century 21 United

Hi Walter,

My name is Lindsay Mann with Century 21 United-Northside here in San Antonio, TX. I attended your short sale seminar class you had at our Century 21 International Convention. You might remember me because you picked on me in your class for being the newby real estate agent and then I purchased some of your material at the end of the day.

Well, I wanted to thank you and tell you it was a pleasure meeting you. I received your material and started looking through the Letters 401 book you have. I had just sold a house not long after I went to your class so I decided to send out your letter talking about “Sold at 104% of asking in 3 days.”  I didn’t sell mine for quite as much and in that time frame but it still sounded good. I sold mine at 100% of asking in 17 days.

I sent out 100 mailouts in the subdivision and two days later I got a call back! They guy had received my letter and wanted me to list his investment property that was there AND he had another house he wanted me to list as well. So, I got 2 listings off of one letter! I just wanted to thank you again for it probably wouldn’t have happened without you and training!

Have a wonderful day!!

Yoko Mendelson, ReMAX
Dear Walter:

Happy New Year! Wishing you a very healthy and successful year! Thank you very much for a great gift, “Beating the Competition Every Time.” I love it. Thank you very much for remembering me and you have kept the promise. 2007 was the best year. I had so many miracles. I became a top producer. I just shifted my mind and then my attitude was changed. I love me, myself and my job. Now I have a secret weapon. (the kit I received from you) I’m very sure 2008 will be the greatest year. Again, thank you very much.

Steve Blair, Realty Executives

Dear Walter:

Just a quick thank you note. I recently incorporated one of your recommendations. This week, I generated an “Offer to Purchase” on a prized property in San Diego. With the offer, I included both a letter describing the buyers and their wedding picture. The offer was in competition with another “Offer to Purchase” from a competing buyer.

When advised by the listing agent that our offer was accepted, he said our accepted price was lower than the other offer and that the seller would net less money. He related the difference was solely the letter and picture.

Thanks to you Walter, my buyers are thrilled to be able to purchase the property.

John Carle, ReMax Realtor


My name is John Carle. I’ve been a fan and admirer of your for more than 9 years now.

I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but last November I had the pleasure of joining you for breakfast in New Orleans (we were staying in the same hotel). At that sit-down you kind-of read my business partner, Sharon, the riot act about wasting her time with buyers. You told her to start focusing on listings, and to stop screwing around.

I’m happy to report that she took your advice to heart. Apparently that was the blockade that was keeping us from reaching the next level of our business. We now have a listing inventory of slightly more than 600 active listings (thanks mostly in part to a massive condo conversion developer). We’re experiencing the best of real estate, and loving life. Our team has expanded from Sharon and myself and 1 admin girl to include 3 “showing agents” (they open doors for buyers in our condos) and 4 admin staff. We’re looking to add 2 more admin people and another showing agent before Vegas.

I don’t know if you get enough positive feedback from the people that you talk to & the people who attend your sessions, but once again you’ve been a major help in furthering the growth of my business. (9 years ago your book, If I Could Start All Over Again, saved my career).

So thank you Walter; you’re still the best. See you in Vegas!

Karen Kramford, RE/MAX Great American

Walter –

I wanted to thanks you for sharing your knowledge and skills with me. After taking this training seminar, I came away with a much stronger understanding of how to use the materials. Now I select what will work best for each situation. The scripts are wonderful and I practice 1/2 hour per day. I still need too discipline myself in the lead generation. I only spend 1 hour per day and half of that time is with expired and canceled listings. Introversion is not the name of the game here!

John Valenziano, Coldwell Banker Weber-Seiler

Thank you for the material and the day-training seminar. It is very useful information.

Cynthia Lee, Weichert Realtors

Your Insider Investing for Real Estate Agents book has been very helpful. While I am not the one at the company who hires speakers, I have recommended your book and website to many of my colleagues.

Have a great day!

R. Craig Richhart


What a wonderful gesture! You folks are honestly the best! I do appreciate your efforts more than you know. Your kindness is very heartfelt. Your willingness to work with me will not be forgotten.

I attended Walter’s session at NAR this past year and purchased a number of his published pieces. They have been of great help as I have worked to implement as much as I can at one time. Please pass on my appreciation to him and to your staff. If I do make it to NAR this year, and I do plan to attend, you can rest assured I will stop by your booth and say hello to the new friends I have found in you and Cyndi.

Thanks again for all you do and have done to be of assistance as I seek to grow my business here in Baton Rouge .

In Gratitude,
R. Craig Richhart

Carol Harold, Long and Foster Real Estate

I wanted to say thank you for your article in the last issue of the REBAC magazine. Your programs are wonderful. I purchased your books How to Manage Buyers and How to Manage Sellers about 11 or 12 years ago. Sometimes I still open them when I need a phrase for a letter.

You were motivational for my career. I was beginning a second career and I went from a rookie to a 10 million dollar + agent and now I am an instructor with Long & Foster in West Virginia .

You probably are too busy to read your emails but I wanted to tell how important your systems were to me and my success. In today’s market, it is about getting back to basics. Your systems are timeless, they are not a fad.

Thank you

Irv Tremblay, Century 21

Dear Walter:

This year I was fortunate enough to be the #1 Century 21 agent in Regina and the # 5 agent in Canada . This is no small feat considering we are the Number One Firm in Canada .

Walter I could not have done this without you. I used you as a coach way back in 1993 and I still use your material and quote you all the time. My systems I use in my office as well as the Assistants Training Program are still the ones you taught me.

Walter thanks again, your the greatest!

David and Suzanne Fortune, McPherson,KS

Dear Walter,

Your lovely wife Lisa, was our REALTOR in Kankakee both when we bought our house and when we sold it. We got to know her very well during our time in K3, and really like her.

Since we were moving to McPherson, KS to go into Real Estate, she gave me your system If I Could Start Over Again as a closing gift, and what a wonderful gift.

I learned more from it than any other source [I must have read 50 books] and we have used it as a guide for starting our business. My wife Suzanne has now got her license and we work together. Tell Lisa thank you so much , it is one of the best gifts I have ever received. Please do not sell any of your systems to anyone else in McPherson, we do not want them to know what we learned from you. [Only kidding] [Actually I’m not kidding]

Your article in REALTOR Online this week is excellent and has gone into our resource collection.

Give Lisa a hug for us, and best wishes to you.

David and Suzanne Fortune


Debbie Acosta, Saratoga, CA

Walter, I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed and gained from the materials you sent me. You were kind enough to provide me a book, upfront, at the Investor’s Summit cruise early last month. I have read and re-read it. The DVD included in the program, walking me through a transaction by “THE” Walter Sanford, was great education for me! Actually, everything I have read through so far has been easy to follow and exactly what I need! Listening to you speak on the boat and meeting you and your family was a true pleasure. I just got my license and think I am going to do really well in this business! Warmest regards from your newest fan!

Steve Marabel, EXIT Realty All Stars

Walter, thanks for speaking in front of Exit Realty Florida last month. It was great stuff and my agents really appreciated you, your presentation, and your books and tapes. Thanks for an enlightening day!

Kim Davis, Keller Williams

By the way, I’ve been going through your letters and checklists, and I am astounded! What an incredible goldmine of experience and wisdom I have stumbled upon. When I met you at the NAR Convention, walking into your seminar, you said to me, “Well, I won’t change your life today, but I hope you’ll take something away from it.” You were wrong, Walter (and I am so very thankful)! I’m so excited about all the things I am learning and all the changes I am making as a result of it. You rule!

Lynn Conrad, RE/MAX Preferred

Walter, God bless you! Your article has validated my business practices. I am nineteen years in this fabulous career, and I have an “internal pain metre,” such as you speak of. After years of frustration, many tears, and sleepless nights over clients who “pained” me, I woke up and started to say “No, thank you.” My self-esteem and confidence level have soared, and I am in demand. Yes, I also do pro-bono work and get a wonderful sense of satisfaction from doing so! The difference is that it is “my choice.” I salute you!

Steve Sandoval, Prudential California

Hello Walter,

It is an honor to communicate with you, a true legend. I must say I immensely enjoy your style of selling. If it would not be too much trouble, would you take the time to autograph some of the books…a great addition to my library.

I’m writing here from your old stomping grounds of Long Beach, California. I am with the office of Prudential California Realty. You may know it better by my broker Bruce Mulhearn of Mulhearn REALTORS®/Gallery of Homes. I look forward to any appearance you may have in the area, and continue to draw inspiration from your teachings. Good health and God bless!

Daniel H. Peaslee, Century 21

I have been using “If I Could Start All Over Again” and have spoken with (so far) seven area top producers – wow!!! Everyone should do this!

Debra, Sacramento

Hey, Walt! Thanks for sending me your book! This is Debra up in Sacramento, and man, let me tell you, I am getting attention like no other!

Terrific ideas in your book. Let me say that if you know any REALTORS® in Sacramento who wish to be serviced by the best upcoming loan officer in town, you may refer them to me!

After reading a bit, I realized I had to move to a better mortgage company, one that believed in service. Now, I’m offering virtual tours of REALTOR’s® listings and lots of extras. My letters are blowing people away, because no one’s ever done business like this!

Art Scott, Scott Real Estate

Two years ago, I felt that there was no more “up” to be had. I was tired. I was beat up. I was bruised from beating against the same old walls. I’d begun to contemplate, long and seriously, the move to different career. Then you came through my town and, in just a few short hours, told me how I could get above it all and move to the next level. In just twelve months, I increased my closing production by more than $12 million, and it was solely due to your systems, Walter Sanford! What’s even better is that I absolutely love what I do now. You’ve made all the difference in this career of mine. Thank you!

Alex Martinez

Dear Walter,
I’m sure that because of the many agents that came by your booth, it is impossible for you to remember me. I want to thank you for taking the time to help me with my day planner, but most of all thanks for the wonderful material that you produced. I’ve listened to all of the Walter Sanford live tapes in the series once, and I’m going through them a second time with pen and paper so that I can make notes to implement the ideas that you bring up. I’m on Month 1, week 1, day 4 of If I Could Start Over Again; I have two lunches set up this week with the #1 & #2 agents of the company that has 50% market share in the Victor Valley; I have made copies of the “Open House Checklists” and I’m doing an open house on Sunday; I got a reference letter from the escrow I closed two weeks ago; my broker said that he’ll go through the old files to give me the names of past clients that are “REALTOR® orphans”; today, I put my listing presentation packet together; I have a list of 110 listings that will expire through the end of this month. Today is Tuesday and I plan to knock on ten of those doors this Thursday! Wow, I’m tired and fired up at the same time! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to succeed; I hope to become one of your many successes!

Ron Mellott

Hi Walter,
I just wanted to thank you for providing me and the real estate industry with the most powerful and productive marketing tools I have ever tried. Over the past year, I have been using real estate telesystems, checklists, and the top 250 letters. When I added If I Could Start Over Again to my prospecting/marketing program, my business went through the roof! My listing inventory went from fifteen homes to over seventy homes and I just had a record month in October.

John Carle, Realty World

Dear Walter,
I just wanted to write to you and thank you for helping me turn my real estate career around.

One year ago today I started my career in real estate, and it didn’t go well. My goal was to sell $1,000,000 worth of real estate in my first year. At the six-month mark, I had only sold 2 houses! I had the drive, the ambition, and the work ethics, but I didn’t know what to do in order to get myself going. Frankly, I didn’t have a clue.

I met one of the top-producing agents in Canada at a sales rally, and we quickly became friends. Obviously, I grilled him for information on what I could do to turn my career around and make it a success. He told me to do one simple thing. Read your book If I Could Start Over.

I was broke, didn’t have $50 to my name, and I bought the book anyway (I borrowed the money from a friend). I was amazed by what was in the book. I now use almost all of your systems, and I have created many of my own which have proven successful.

Thanks to the boost your book gave me, I’m now a top-producing agent, and have sold over $4,000,000 to date. 3.8 million of that has been in the past five months.

Now when a new agent (or some of the veterans for that matter) grill ME for information, I tell them just one thing. Buy that book! Had it not been for that book, I’m certain I’d be an amazing “Fry-Guy” at McDonalds. Thanks again!


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