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"I think we had a great meeting in Savannah. The comments received in your presentation were all positive. Thank you so much for what you did for us. It was a big help to ensure a great meeting for us. You always go the extra mile." Maurice Johnson,Realty World


Sanford Bio

Sanford Bio

It’s helpful to include information about the speaker so your attendees know why he is qualified to speak to them about higher productivity in real estate. Below are two different samples that you can use or mix and match.

Bio #1:
Upon graduating from USC with a million-dollar debt from ill-advised real estate transactions, Walter set out to prove himself as a REALTOR® and broker. After being one of the highest producing REALTORS® in the nation, Walter has authored over ten systems as a real estate speaker, trainer, and coach.

Bio #2:
Beginning in the late seventies, Walter re-wrote records in real estate particularly in number of transactions and dollar volume. His best year was 1992 with $72 million in sales. In today’s economy, that would equal to over $133 million dollars per year in personal production sales! He sold a house a day for seventeen years.

Now, he is one of the most requested trainers in real estate. Franchises request and mentor his systems, which he has developed. Delegation, net-profit strategies, working hard and still having a life are a few of the easy to implement, low-cost strategies that we are proud to bring you. Some industry decision-makers believe Walter Sanford was one of the top agents in North America during the ‘80s and early ‘90s.


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