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I have been using "If I Could Start All Over Again" and have spoken with (so far) seven area top producers - wow!!! Everyone should do this! Daniel H. Peaslee, Century 21


Meet Our Team

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“The secret of greatness is simple: do better work than any other man in your field – and keep on doing it.”
Wilfred A. Peterson

At Sanford Systems, we strive for greatness every day! Meet our team that keeps us moving toward greatness.

Mission Statement of Sanford Systems and Strategies

Sanford Systems and Strategies is in the business to help people gain control over their careers in real estate. All of our seminars and products are designed to meet this goal. As we strive to accomplish this, we base our actions on our eight governing values:

1. WE PRODUCE QUALITY – In both the workplace and the marketplace, we provide quality experience, service, and products.
2. WE SERVE THE CUSTOMER – We are customer-driven; in conjunction with our other values, we give customers what they seek.
3. WE VALUE OUR ASSOCIATES – We recognize that Sanford Systems and Strategies is only as good as our associates. We commit to providing a productive and solid career for all Sanford Systems and Strategies associates.
4. WE PRACTICE TEAMWORK – We consider those who work for or who associate with Sanford Systems and Strategies as members of our team. We recognize that each customer, associate, or consultant has a unique contribution to make toward our team effort.
5. WE WELCOME INNOVATION AND ADAPT TO CHANGE – We constantly evaluate what we are doing and compare it to what is possible and to what is needed. Nothing in real estate or society remains the same – neither can we.
6. WE WISELY MANAGE COMPANY RESOURCES – As a company and as individuals, we sense a responsibility to stewardship, to wisely use our human resources and material assets for the purpose of fulfilling the company’s vision.
7. WE SEARCH FOR, LIVE BY, AND TEACH CORRECT PRINCIPLES – Our services and products are based on correct principles that, when applied, produce positive results. We continuously search to learn more and to adjust to what we learn.
8. WE MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLE’S LIVES – Our career recommendations and real estate products go beyond being profitable and informative. They empower individuals and organizations to make meaningful changes and to advance in their goals.

These are the Sanford Systems and Strategies highest priorities. Meeting them will enable us to realize our mission.


Walter Sanford – speaker, mentor, and coach
Beginning in the late seventies, Walter re-wrote records in real estate particularly in number of transactions and dollar volume. His best year was 1992 with $72 million in sales. In today’s economy, that would equal to over $133 million dollars per year in personal production sales! He sold a house a day for seventeen years. Now, he is one of the most requested trainers in real estate. Franchises request and mentor his systems, which he has developed. Delegation, net-profit strategies, working hard and still having a life are a few of the easy to implement, low-cost strategies that we are proud to bring you. Some industry decision-makers believed Walter Sanford was one of the top agents in North America during the ‘80s and early ‘90s.

Stephen Hill – IT support
In today’s ever-changing world of technology, Stephen makes certain that we stay connected and current. He oversees all IT applications including network maintenance, security protection, technical problem troubleshooting, and database maintenance.

Lisa Sanford – In House Realtor®
Walter practices what he preaches – be your own best client and buy what you sell! Lisa Sanford is a top producer in Kankakee County real estate, and she and Walter have numerous rental properties around the area. Her career in real estate began in 1984, and she has received various local, state, and national awards. As a National Hall of Fame member of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate division, Lisa is a leader in her field with over $10 million in sales each year since 1996.


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