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"Thank you so much for your spectacular presentation at our event last week! Your energy level and knowledge are what made it a very successful event for us!" Sue Woodard, CTX Mortgage


Walter’s System

How did Walter Sanford become so successful in real estate? He developed winning systems, tested them for profitability, and constantly refined them for ease of use. Why reinvent the wheel? Take the ideas that are already proven. Sanford Systems offers manuals providing:

1. Lead generation letters for every possible market and niche so you don’t have to design them.
2. Complete prospecting systems that have already been tested for profitability
3. Effective listing presentations, pre-listing packs, and objection overcoming strategies
4. Streamlined office procedures, systems, and checklists
5. Profitable team building within the ranks of your affiliates
6. Insider investment secrets to build your own portfolio of real estate
7. Buyer tools to lessen your time spent but increase your profit
8. New agent training systems broken down into manageable, day-by-day workloads
9. Profitable phone scripts in a DO NOT CALL world
10. DVD training with marketing materials to make sure you and your team have the best education

Here are our recommendations: (for more detailed information, please click on titles below.)

If you are a new agent, we recommend:
Super Emails, Letters, and Web Content
Grow Your Leads: Just Add Wa(l)ter
Beating the Competition Every Time
If I Could Start Over Again

Start with If I Could Start Over Again then as the months progress you’ll start pulling from the other three systems to be well on your way of being number one!

If you are an experienced agent, we recommend the same first three (Super Emails, Letters, and Web Content,
Grow Your Leads: Just Add Wa(l)ter, Beating the Competition Every Time
) because making certain your foundation is strong is essential before you build big!

The fourth book that we would recommend would be either:
Fast Lane Buyer Systems or
Time-Saving Checklists

Fast Lane Buyer Systems will help you establish better buyer systems for more effective use of your time. Time-Saving Checklists will help set you on the path of organization. Streamlined office processes allow you to spend more time on the money-maker – lead generation.

Due to the proprietary nature of our systems, there are no returns. Inside the pages of these books, you’ll find systems and strategies proven by hundreds of real estate agents each year. We know these systems work, if you work at it. If you are still unhappy with your purchase, Walter will personally help you implement the ideas, systems, checklists, and methods that he outlines in such complete detail that the road to implementation will be a short path!

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Super Emails, Letters, and Web Content

Grow Your Leads: Just Add Wa(l)ter

Beating the Competition Every Time



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