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I have been using "If I Could Start All Over Again" and have spoken with (so far) seven area top producers - wow!!! Everyone should do this! Daniel H. Peaslee, Century 21


Realtor Testimonials

Hey Walter,

Hi from California… I hope my note finds you and your family abundant in all the “f” zones in your life. I retired from full time real estate two years ago. It was a great 30 years but it no longer brought any joy into my life, mostly just stress. Being blessed with coaching from you in more than just how to sell real estate, but have a life too, I realized that there was so many of the “f” words in my life that were not being balanced.

You played such an integral part of my success in my real estate career but more importantly, you taught me through your coaching, how to balance our lives as people, not just Realtors. I am now writing and presenting small intimate workshops in the areas of spirituality that fuel my joy. I teach people all the time about the “f” words in their lives always recognizing you as the voice behind that practice. I guess I’m coaching folks on living a more balanced life as well as teaching people how to not just survive great loss, but how to live, not survive it and not let it define the rest of your life.

This is a great massive very important THANK YOU note Walter… you continue to inspire me, your voice is one of the muses I carry in the back of my mind remembering times like driving in the CA foothills talking about how you make a relationship last. You never made real estate sound easy but you always made it sound possible and that is what I want to pass on to people. I want people to know that living the life they dream is possible, it’s freaking hard work and you have to have boots on the ground doing the hard stuff every day, but you can THRIVE, not just survive in any venture you take on and in all aspects of your life if you pay attention to keeping all those “f” words in your life balanced.

Vicki Dobbs

I met Walter as a new agent and immediately hired him as my coach, attended his “round table” discussions in Long Beach, and to no surprise, grew my business from Zero to Hero using his Firecracker mailers and the Expired letters! I’m nearing 1000 closed now, and to this day follow Walters systems, and use his scripts and checklists daily.

Stephen Miller, Broker
Orange County, CA

I’ve already utilized great advice from Walter Sanford since Kickoff!! Truly amazing and passionate. Can’t wait to dig into your courses!!

Steve Krofchick
Century 21 Canada

Love the passion and no-nonsense approach that Walter Sanford brings to real estate!

Jeff Gingerich
Century 21 Canada

Walter Sanford is a real estate genius – and entertaining and he has actual real estate successes! His presentations are a full-on great real estate training experience. I am ruined for all others.

Kimberly Dotseth
Blend Real Estate

Thank you for the opportunity to hear you speak in Huntington Beach at Sea Cliff Country Club. I got a lot out of it. Funny, I grew up in Long Beach as well and remember your office back in the day. All the best continued success!

Erik Kaiser
RE/MAX Collection

Walter has changed my business!  Many coaches give you fluff — outdated approaches that you have heard a million times, but Walter is different.  He gives me REAL money-making strategies that WORK!  He shares his personal experiences of over 30 years of ups and downs in the market. I would not be where I am today without Walter Sanford!

Marc Austin Highfill
EXIT First Realty

I’m reminded of when I first became acquainted with your material in the 90’s. I listened and attended your seminars. After we met, I buried you in questions! Back then, I lived this stuff and followed what you said to the letter.

It is so funny to look at now, because it is internalized and a huge part of how I have done business for years as a successful REALTOR® for 26 years. Now, I am teaching my son as a new agent.

So much of what you teach is timeless. Step-by-step operating procedures that are so effective. I just wanted to say “thank you” for the positive effect you have had on my career. I am thankful we crossed paths.

Julie Hansen-Orvis


Thank you very much. I have just completed my first year in the business. I started using your systems on day 1. I was able to close over $123,000 in commission this first year. I have purchased If I Could Start Over Again, Grow Your Leads, Super Emails, and Beating the Competition. These books helped provide me with the plan, content and mind set to help me be successful.


Robert M. Threlkeld, Affiliate Broker
RE/MAX Preferred Properties


I want to thank you for a wonderful class today, and I am excited to put to work a lot of the things I learned today @ the QCARA fall education seminar. Once again, thank you for all of the wonderful ideas you provided.

Todd Seemann
Mel Foster Co.


I attended your session at the NAR Conference in Orlando, and was very motivated. Of all the material and all the information I came across that weekend, yours was the only material that I purchased.

Let me say that since going through Beat the Competition, I have had the two best listing presentations of my career. Both, of course, resulted in listings. And, since applying some of the time blocking suggestions you made in the session, the last three weeks have been among the least stressful of my career. At present, I have 30 residential listings, and even my most challenging sellers have fallen in line with an every 10 business day call.

My favorite product was Just Add Walter. Going through my database, I picked out the Listing Leads A and the Listing Leads B, and have begun making regular contact with them. Last week one revived and will certainly become a listing.

So, thanks!

Ray Mikus, Broker
Heney Realtors

That was the most valuable 90 minutes I’ve spent in some time.  Thank you!
Brian Gordon 

I purchased the Grow Your Leads system at the NAR convention in Orlando.  I am loving  his stuff.  I can’t put it down!  I loved talking with Walter at NAR.  He got me excited again about real estate.  I was considering getting out!!

Elizabeth Hawthorne
Exit Realty of Lakeland

Walter Sanford was at his absolute best today in MN. He’s a must see… (My sixth time hearing him in the last couple of years)

Frank Michael D’Angelo

Mr. Sanford, I just wanted to personally thank you for the inspirational and educational seminar you held this past week in Burlington, Vermont. I found you to be an engaging and charismatic speaker and truly enjoyed every minute! Thank you also for the free book you gave me for allowing you to pick on the new Realtor in town. I just received it in the mail yesterday and have already begun reading it. I will not forget your advice and thank you again!

Sara Vizvarie

Hey, Walter.  I’m always happy to see you contributing.  It was your stuff and a bit of work that took me to the top of the mountain!

Don Wyld
Century 21

Hi Walter,

Thank you for the great skills and motivational seminar at the Naples Area Board of REALTORS®!  I am implementing new ideas today that will increase my listing inventory.  The best time and money spent at a seminar, EVER!

I am eager to get started with the books and checklists to be a better REALTOR®.

Diane Lee Mato
Verona Realty

Just wanted to thank you for your presentation at the Exit convention.  I like the “meat” in your presentation.

Marc Austin Highfill

I attended your seminar in Naples, Florida yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I have many years of sales training in the insurance business and have had the opportunity to listen to many different trainers and how they approached their audience, and I will say that you are one of the best I have seen yet. On target, pertinent, useful tools to succeed, easy to comprehend and entertaining just about sums it up.

I have been in the real estate business for less than two months and have had the time to look at my wife’s business of nine years and when I joined her in business.  I told her all I wanted to do was list properties.  After attending your seminar, I know I am on the right track.

Dave Bower

Walter, I’ve loved your ideas in real estate for years.  Thanks.

Rob Malech
Century 21

Hope you enjoyed your time in Iowa – good to see you again.  Nice job!

Tom Randall
Tom Randall Real Estate Team

I enjoyed attending your event yesterday in Champaign.  You did a great job!  Please say hello to Lisa and Arland Speckman.  Arland installed me when I became President of our association many years ago.  Best Wishes!

Max Michell
ReMax Realty Associates


It was great listening to you at the Wells Fargo event last week! Love your ideas and your attitude! If you’re ever in town again, let me know, and I’ll buy you lunch! Have a great week!

Brandyn O’Dell
Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell


Hi Cyndi:

…Also we want to express our thanks to Walter for attending our event and for helping to make it a success.  We had nothing but positive feedback from our Members, who thought that what Walter had to say was both insightful and practical.

Once again thank you for your efforts to help organize the details, and help to ensure that Walter’s participation went smoothly.

Thanks again for everything and we look forward to possibly working together sometime in the future.


Lori Cimerman
HomeLife Realty Services Inc.

Walter was real and the best . I have been to many from 1976-2011. Sorry for so many that missed him. They missed all of him for only $15 — that is $5.00 per hour.

The Peoria Area Association of REALTORS® must have the smartest and best in the state out selling today…then the rest of us were learning from Walter!

Thank you again, Walter.
Judi Randolph

Hi Walter,

Just wanted to say thank you for doing such a splendid job of delivering the “Meat and Potatoes” instead of a bunch of fluff. The feedback from everyone was assume. Everyone said they picked up an idea or two…which is exactly what we wanted. Thanks again.

Shamiram Mazejy
Coldwell Banker – Clifton

Walter was real and the best . I have been to many from 1976-2011. Sorry for so many that missed him. They missed all of him for only $15 — that is $5.00 per hour.

The Peoria Area Association of REALTORS® must have the smartest and best in the state out selling today…then the rest of us were learning from Walter!

Thank you again, Walter.

Judi Randolph

Thank you very much for your great insight and energy. I will recommend you highly!

Richard Seibel
Real Estate Service

I just wanted to thank you both (Walter and sponsor) for a much needed “tune up” today. I have seen quite a few real estate speakers and I consider Walter Sanford to be better than a speaker. He is an encourager, a mentor and one of the best real estate trainers in the US! I like Walter’s softened totally professional sales approach and his subtle closes. Walter gave us lots of great new ideas today and he made tons of systems and checklists available to make our professional life easier which will lead us to have more confidence which will lead us to talk to more decision makers which will lead us to more closed sales.

Walter’s systems offer professional added value services for our clients, EXACTLY what they need in this challenging market. Now, instead of moaning and complaining that we don’t have an REO connection (note that most REO listing agents MUST surrender a 30-35% referral fees to THIRD party overworked ASSet Managers who can’t make a decision and knows less about the real estate business than most new real estate sales people!) Walter GAVE us all several great suggestions so we can go out and find our own motivated sellers and buyers.

I am committed to start implementing Walter’s systems tomorrow. I am starting with Walter’s “A Property Just Sold Near Your Place” letter. I plan on incorporating at least one new system, letter or checklist each day. I’m pumped again Walter, you reminded me how great this industry is and many thanks to David Jaffe for always coming through for our buyers and for thinking enough of us, to bring in a great motivator, trainer and encourager Mr. Walter Sanford!

Thanks a million gentlemen,
Bill Stevenson

“….Thank you so much for all your efforts in assisting us to have Walter speak to our members.  We had very positive feedback and would highly recommend Walter to other boards/associations who wish to engage a motivational speaker.”

Sandra Bistany
Windsor Essex Real Estate Board

Walter, I have an interesting story that I thought you might enjoy. I have been a REALTOR® for 21 years. I have attended several of your seminars over the years. I was runner-up for rookie of the year for ERA nationally in 1990. I have lived in Bend, OR for the past 16 years.

We have seen hard times the last 3 years or so but have had a resurgence the past 6 months and are busier than ever. It looks like we will have a strong 2011. Due to a family tragedy, I will have to relocate to Boise this summer. It will be hard to leave will business booming and leaving my referral network I worked so hard to build. I do not know a soul in Boise and will be starting from scratch.

During one of your seminars, I picked up “If I Could Start Over Again.”  Because I had been busy, I never bothered to really study it so it gathered dust for the past 10 years or so. As I formulated a strategy to try to “hit the flooring running in Boise,” I remembered your book.  I started studying it with a highlighter in hand. I came away with a very good gameplan for starting over again in Boise thanks to your book.

Being an old horse in the business, thinking I know it all, it was refreshing to read it with an open mind and coming away excited about the move. I feel very confident the learning curve has been made easier with ideas from your book. I wanted to say thanks. I will let you know how your systems and ideas work as I start from scratch to build a brand new business in the highly competitive city of Boise, ID.

Sincerely, Rick

Mr. Sanford, no one has done more to make me a top agent than you and I thank you.  I purchased your system back in 2000 & ran a full page ad in the paper the next day with a picture of me “Walking on Water.”  I went on to become the top agent in my area for 8 straight years thanks to you!  While I have the hard copy of your 360 letters from back then that, with minor tweaking, are still effective today!  ….By the way, people STILL refer to me as the guy who “Walks On Water”!  Thanks again!

Larry Rogawski


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