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"Thank you for another great conference. Walter Sanford was energetic and delivered some great information as well." Carla Rigsby CENTURY 21 Really Group


How to Implement Walter’s Systems

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I have had some calls from top agents who want to be the most efficient about implementing all of our systems. Here is one of many plans:

1. Since all great real estate production starts with improving existing proactive seller lead generation systems, then product number 2, Grow Your Leads: Just Add Wa(l)ter, should be the first to be implemented. By adding one new seller lead generation system to your business plan and improving the one that is currently your largest net profit producer, you will soon find that listings represented by signs and web postings are your most effective buyer-lead generation system.

2. The second most important net-profit producing move will be to be able to compete against top agents in getting the listing signed. More sellers will be interviewing more agents, and in a tough market the ones they will be interviewing will be better agents. Please use product number 3, entitled Beating the Competition Every Time to improve your initial seller counseling questions, to implement an email or web based pre-confirmation, pre-sale package, and then to implement a shorter listing presentation with more trial closes and better retention of your commission and other objection handling.

3. The third most important activity is to cull your buyer herd by asking better questions, offering more services, asking for a meeting and pre-approval, and finally, asking for the signature on a “loyalty agreement.” Product number 7, Fast Lane Buyer Systems, is the best in showing you how to qualify only the buyers that you want to work with and eliminating almost 70% of the time-wasting non-buyers in a nice way while delegating them to a buyer’s agent or a referred agent. This product will also show you how to build your buyer program full of systems that will find unique inventory for your buyer, but also turning it into your best seller lead generation system as you find that inventory for your buyer.

4. The fourth most important activity is enlisting your affiliate team members on mutually-pleasing, joint lead generation ideas, third-party endorsement letters, and other client-pleasing and lead generation ideas. When you are a top agent, you command the respect, and most top affiliates will help on systems where they (and you, their top agent) make more net-profit by working with more and better clients. Product number 5, Teaming Up, will improve your profit relations with each of your affiliates. Be loyal to your affiliates, and in return, have them view the DVD (included in the Teaming Up system) and take home the workbook to decide which of the systems they would like to work with you. It is pure genius and it is a major building block of a top agent’s business.

5. With my coaching clients, I have proven that if I can get a good real estate to spend a half hour a day calling hot demographics with the right script and the correct email follow-up, I can add 35% to their net profit. Phone Scripts and Moving Beyond Do Not Call will easily give you the tools to spend an enjoyable ½ hour a day changing your client’s lives. This is product number nine and can be also used to turn an administrative assistant into a part-producing lead generation machine, which is really what assistants should be doing.

6. Next you are going to find that by implementing the above, your business volume is more than you have ever experienced. For most agents, spikes in volume mean that there will be no more time for lead generation. When your pending sales close, you will find there is nothing in the pipeline. My lead generation systems are designed to be worked on by a small amount everyday. To handle the influx of new business, you are going to need new maintenance systems. Correspondence, systems, and checklists are mandatory to make sure your clients experience consistent, great customer service, that you are completing your administrative work as inexpensively as possible, and that all systems have a dual-purpose of lead generation. Product number one, Super Emails, Letters, and Web Content, and product number four, Time-Saving Checklists, should be used to develop checklists and systems to make sure you are eliminating all unnecessary steps, that an assistant can handle most steps, and that most problems in any transaction can be anticipated and eliminated. Good systems are like the grease in a machine, and systems number one and four will support your new business.

7. Product number 8, If I Could Start Over Again is for the agent who would like to work into my systems (your systems) slowly with me (or you) holding their hand. It has been used to train new agents on the most profitable steps to initiate early in their career. It has been used to help a “burnt out” agent to get back onto the profitable road to riches, and it has been used to train administrative assistants to become more adept at producing leads. This product and product number 10, Walter Sanford’s Top Dog Marketing System, are most often bought by offices to use as training pieces for newer agents. (click here for testimonial)

8. Product number 10, Walter Sanford’s Top Dog Marketing System, should be used as an overview of all my systems because it is a 6-hour training video package. It will sample all of my systems above and maybe point to the areas that most excite you. I can talk all day, but it comes down to you doing what excites you. I show with this training system how all the above systems dovetail and work together. It will also show you all the media, direct-response, and institutional advertising that can be done. The previous is more expensive to implement but makes all the systems above more effective because you become a local celebrity!

9. The last to be implemented (maybe the first for some of you) will be to start investing in the greatest investment product in the world of which you happen to be its wholesale purveyor! I did not make a fortune with real estate commissions. I made it by being a smart real estate investor. Product number 6, Insider Trading for Real Estate Agents, will give you, the real estate agent, the real information on how to become rich investing in what you sell. Every question is answered and every system for purchase, negotiation, inspection, and management plus more is covered. It is the best product in the world to show a real estate agent on how to become financially independent, getting their money to work for them instead of always just working for money. If you have a bank account now, use this now. If not, do the items above until you do then use this product. It is the reason you are in this business!

That lays out one way in which my systems can be implemented. There are many others based upon where the holes are in your system, only you can answer that. A few agents elect to have me personally coach them into the implementation of the systems. This is not necessary because all that you own is self-explanatory; however, it may speed implementation and cure bottlenecks.

Thank you for getting involved with my systems. They are always up-to-date and ready to make you more money in less time, leaving behind happier clients.


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