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Thank you for your words of wisdom and experience. I have already benefited from some of the techniques in your materials. My return on investment will be huge! Thanks again. Mike Fortin, Platinum Group REALTORS®


Other Testimonials


Molly Flory, Old Republic Home Protection

Walter spoke at one of our Old Republic Home Protection meetings a while back.  I was so impressed with him then and at the local seminar he did for NVAR.  He is GREAT!….Again, he was GREAT and so energetic!   I know the agents learned a lot about today’s market and how to handle a lot of various obstacles.

Monique Adjami Shevlin, Seacoast Board of Realtors

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Don Leadroot, Asset Preservation, Inc.

Hi Walter,

I just wanted to thank you for the great ideas you presented in Portland. You gave me several things to work on as an exchange accommodator as well as insight into the things real estate brokers need to consider to be successful. Needless to say, I really appreciated the way you pointed our how brokers can use my service to leverage into more listings. Great Stuff!

I am going to refer you to my colleagues around the country in hopes that they can access your programs on a national basis. Best regards.

Beth King, Stewart Title
It was a pleasure having Walter come in and speak for us.

We felt that the info he gave to the agents and us was phenomenal! I talked to my manager, Bill, after I dropped Walter off at his hotel yesterday and he felt the afternoon session at our office with all of our marketing reps and some of our branch managers was well worth any money we spent to have him come to Portland!

Personally, I needed to hear what Walter had to say. I talked to one of our top producing agents last night, he has our house listed, and I talked about some of the systems that Walter taught us and he is excited to find out more. I also talked to Lisa, one of the branch managers who heard Walter yesterday afternoon, and she thought he was awesome!

Fred McCubbin, First American Title

Dear Walter,

I hope you get to read this in person. I just wanted to first say that I am very impressed by your articles and your work! My name is Fred McCubbin and I am the regional consultant for First American Title for Riverside, San Bernardino, and LA County in Southern California. I have been coaching real estate agents (including my mother 🙂 for a long time. For years now, I have been monitoring the progress and the work of top producing agents so to learn from them. I must say your site is one of the ones I visit quite a bit every month!

I have an old copy of your Sanford letters from the early 90’s and happen to be putting together a program, which would integrate letters to be used dynamically with my online forms and my program I am writing for my real estate clients. I would love to use your old letters I have had for a long time. I felt it is absolutely necessary to write you and ask for your permission before I use your letter formats. I would change a few things but for the most part I should be able to use your letter formats, if, of course, you feel it’s all right for me to use your work. That would truly be an honor!

Later on also I will be putting together a website where I will have all these files available for real estate agents to take advantage of my solutions. At this website, I will also have audio interviews with the “elite in the industry” and it would be my privilege if you would let me interview you to add the file online. I would add a link to your website of course! 🙂

Pease get back to me when you can and let me know if you are available some time soon for an audio interview (either in person or by phone) and more importantly if you give me an official permission to use your old letters for my website to have REALTORS® take advantage of them. Thanks a lot and I hope to hear from you soon.

Terry Thomason, Stewart Title

Dear Walter,
Thank you, what a fantastic job you did at Raincross Square last Wednesday. I must say this was a first for me! Never have we had more people show up to a free event than were pre-registered, the norm has always been that about 20% do not show up! All the folks I talked to were very excited to put into action some of the ideas they had acquired from your talk. My own Sales Reps seem to have a higher level of commitment and enthusiasm than ever before.

I also wish to thank you for the products we received from you. They will go to productive use. My reps are all looking forward to delivering the DRE certificates as well as following up on all the leads that were generated by your very persuasive support of Stewart Title.

I am looking forward to having you out. Keep in touch and if there is anything I can do for you in the Inland Empire, give me a call.

Brad Andersohn, First American Title Guarantee

Dear Walter,

The pleasure I feel in thanking you for your help yesterday must exceed by far any comfort that you derived from giving it. I feel doubly blessed; first I had the benefit of your help by speaking at BofA, and now I have the pleasurable duty of thanking you. You were a big success to the Northern California Bank of America Sales Rally and words cannot express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.

Employed by the #1 title company being the largest in the nation, I pride myself in networking with top caliber people such as you, Walter. You are a good man and a good friend. I do not take our relationship for granted. If you need anything at all, I am your man in the Bay Area. On behalf of First American Title and myself, I recognize you as not only “North America’s most requested real estate trainer” but also as the best industry speakers in the nation (my personal favorite). You are blessed with many talents and friends, and it is an honor to be among a group that can be considered as not just an associate or acquaintance, but as a friend. Thanks!

I look forward to helping out any way I can on June 17th in South San Francisco. Please call me and let me know as things unfold, how you would like my support and participation. I have at least twenty awesome lead generating ideas that I can share that most people including top agents never knew were available from a title company. I would like to share them with successful and motivated people like the ones that come to your seminars. Give me 10-20 minutes and I’ll rock their world! Let’s talk more soon.

I really enjoyed the time spent with you and look forward to working with you again.



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