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Dear Walter, It was a pleasure meeting you during your recent event in Laguna Hills, CA. I appreciate the material your covered during the event and wanted to thank you for your generosity on gifting me the "Beating the Competition" sales system. Jose U. Jaramillo, Keller Williams


Why Hire Walter Sanford

Does a real estate speaker or trainer really need to understand the real estate industry? Absolutely! There are numerous motivational and business speakers to choose from, and they all have valid messages. No one wants to get up in front of your audience to show them exactly how to flow with the changes and remain profitable. Net profit, if you really look at today’s talks, is of secondary concern. Everyone’s an expert! An agent sells 100 homes then he/she wants to tell your attendees how to do it. Often a speaker will team up with a technology vendor to sell products all day.

Your desk has a leaning pile of postcards, manila envelopes and speaker photos with paper clip “tattoos” in the top corner. Out of all those real estate speaker options, the real question is, “Why would you choose Walter Sanford for your next seminar?”

Here are the top three reasons why Walter Sanford will make your seminar productive, fun, and memorable!

1. Walter is a seasoned veteran and the first mega-producer in real estate.

Walter Sanford has over thirty years in the real estate business doing what your attendees do every day! He did all of that business in California! If it were put up for a vote, you would likely find that a majority agrees that California’s real estate has survived more tumultuous activity over the last two decades than most of its neighbors. Plus Walter has always sold real estate in the $100,000 to the multi-million dollar price range. His solutions work for all clients!

Walter Sanford has seen the gamut from mundane to inventive real estate transactions. He’s probably seen more of it than any other real estate agent, but what makes Walter Sanford even more valuable is that he has systems, solutions, and strategies which your attendees can take home and immediately implement to create transactions that work!

Touted by many as “North America’s No. 1 REALTOR®,” he set himself apart from the rest of the pack in the late ‘70s and hasn’t veered from that track since. Walter Sanford earned his “wings” by consistently closing more than $60 million for all of the ‘80s and most of the ‘90s. Walter remains a leader, innovator, producer, and legend to the industry. In addition to his speaking career, Walter continues to be a highly sought after coach and mentor to a select group of top agents in North America.

With fifteen years of speaking experience, Walter is a strict professional; he knows exactly why he’s on stage and how he can best help your people. He customizes each of his presentations to what your audience needs most. Just tell him your corporate goals and he will weave them into any of his talks!

Walter Sanford is an old timer and yet still an innovator. He is an old timer because of the sheer number of his closings, more than anyone we know! He is an innovator because he is constantly applying all the profitable real estate systems of the past to the new technology of today. Keeping you riveted the entire length of the seminar is easy for Walter. This is no speaker spouting the future. He gives real life examples your audience can use today that will help your attendees lead the pack.

2. Sanford Systems has more seminar topics than any other real estate trainer!

After fifteen years and more than a thousand stages, Walter still hasn’t run out of material. In fact, Walter Sanford is the only professional real estate trainer to offer a variety of detailed speaking outlines from which you can pick and choose. He has done everything in the business and all to award winning levels. Why hire a niche speaker when you can have it all?

He offers solid, practical, and inexpensive principles that are guaranteed to increase any agent’s business, whether that agent be a newcomer, a seasoned veteran, or that-hard to-please mega-agent.

He even shows career agents many ways to retire wealthy (imagine that)! An extensive real estate investor himself, Walter Sanford explains easy-to-implement plans that allow agents, already purveyors of the world’s greatest investment, to create secure, long-standing portfolios for themselves. If nothing else, he shows them how to have a life!

In short, Walter Sanford moves his audiences past their biggest fears and their ugliest blockades so that they may enjoy greater success and contentment in the years ahead.

3. Sanford Systems is a committed partner in your event planning.

Walter Sanford and his staff work with you from start to finish. We understand the kind of work you’ve put into making your event happen, and we pro-actively work on your behalf long before the event ever takes place.

Only Sanford Systems offers extensive planning and “countdown tips” to help you sell out your event. Let’s plan a personal conference call with Walter today! Unlike any other real estate trainer on the market, Walter Sanford provides samples of flyers, tickets, postcards, and workbooks for your events.

With this training, those representatives can garner better business leads throughout the day, thereby gaining a greater appreciation of the event and making them happy they paid the sponsorship fee! There are many things a sponsor should demand of a speaker!

When you are having a planning meeting, Walter will be happy to join you via teleconference to share his tips on how to fill your venue.  This teleconference would be especially useful when the event is sponsored by a lender or other affiliate, when the loan officers or sales team is responsible for getting top real estate agents to attend.

Literally thousands of agents refer to Walter Sanford as their mentor. The mortgage and title companies have entrusted Walter with the training of their representatives and clients. Nearly every national franchise and independent has come to appreciate his out-of-the-box solutions for real estate challenges.

Choose Walter Sanford for your next event.


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