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Why Sanford Systems Rentals?

Everyone loves Sanford System’s properties because they do the little extras. We care about our clients, give them a chance of homeownership, protect our environment and offer the best quality rental properties at the lowest prices. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Brand new toilet seats… Never touched by another bum.
  2. One or more fire extinguishers… Your safety is a huge concern.
  3. Thermal windows, doors and extra insulation… Your comfort and lower utility bills will be a big plus and a big minus on your utility bills.
  4. LED lighted receptacle covers in hallways and stairwells that automatically come on at night for your safety.
  5. Always freshly painted… by a painting company 30 years in the business which means no drips and no mess.
  6. A cleaning service that gets everything just like your mom used to… Under the stove under the refrigerator, under the washer/dryer, in the corners and all the places your OCD best friend will explore.
  7. New carpet and if not it’ll look new and will have just been freshly shampooed.
  8. All the ductwork will have been checked for cleanliness to prevent any possibility of allergens being released into your home.
  9. Any possibility of dampness has been eliminated therefore we can say that we have “no mold homes”.
  10. Our rental policy is that we provide homes to customers that can afford them. You must have good credit. Pass a full background check including criminal, sex offender and terrorist. We do not allow dogs candles are smoking. What this means is that the tenant previous to you was held do these high standards and the tenants that live near you are held these high standards. This provides an outstanding living environment. Before, during and after your occupancy.
  11. Any technological advances that can reasonably be incorporated in our properties have been. High efficiency furnaces, energy star appliances and pre-wired for cable.
  12. Being kind to our environment is a way of life for us. Building for lower utility costs, using non-hazardous products, and restoring rather than replacing, where possible, have always been in our business plan.
  13. Ceiling fans in almost every room… Your comfort guarantees a happy customer and referrals.
  14. All light bulbs have been replaced with LEDs. Not only will this substantially reduced your electrical cost but is one more step in our plan to protect the environment.
  15. Smoke detectors, heat detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors are all checked and new batteries added.… It is our desire to put your safety first.
  16. We have over 60 homes that we take care of which necessitates a large staff which means we have many specialists available to take care of your needs… Next day service is common for us.
  17. We finish and decorate keeping in mind current trends. You’ll never be embarrassed by our choice of colors, finishes, lights or appliances.
  18. Sanford Systems real estate is mostly owned in free and clear status which means there are few mortgages on our properties. What this means to you is that there is a low probability of a foreclosure from a mortgage and that Sanford Systems always has the cash flow to maintain their properties.


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