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I have been using "If I Could Start All Over Again" and have spoken with (so far) seven area top producers - wow!!! Everyone should do this! Daniel H. Peaslee, Century 21


Budget Pleasing Ideas

How to Increase the Affordability of a Walter Sanford Seminar

1. Obtain sponsors: lenders, home warranty, advertising mediums, giant real estate website consolidators, title companies, termite companies, home inspection companies, cellular companies, and MLS organizations love Walter. Walter does not let them be forgotten when he is on stage, especially when they have helped sponsor the event!

2. If available in your state, charge for continuing education credits.

3. Charge admission at the door and/or charge admission by the pre-sale of tickets.

4. Barter for promotion, i.e.: the printer does the flyers and the printer is advertised in the seminar program or your newsletter.

5. Use frequent flyer awards or hotel points to reduce Walter’s costs.

6. Book Walter in slow periods, i.e.: June, July, and August. Talk to our event coordinator about discounts.

7. Hold a trade show with paid vendors.

8. String contiguous events together, i.e.: a seminar for a lender team and then another seminar the same day for their REALTOR® clients. Another example is an event that we substantially discount for multiple events strung together within driving or flying distance so that Walter is able to do one continuous day.

How to Save Money on Refreshments for Seminars

Whether you’re serving up breakfast or hosting an evening cocktail party, there are many little known ways to save money on your food and beverage bill.  Here are ten money-saving ideas.:

1. Serve donut holes and mini-muffins instead of whole donuts and big muffins.  The hotel tells you they only have large Danish or bagels?  Have them sliced in half!

2.  Buy items by the dozen rather than per person.

3.  Refresh and rearrange continental breakfast leftovers for morning breaks.

4.  Insist on smaller coffee cups.  One hotel secret is giving you 12 or 14 ounce mugs instead of 8 ounce cups.

5.  Serve fountain soda rather than cans. Or better yet, lemonade or iced tea by the gallon (make sure you have 8 – 10 ounce glasses)

6.  Seated, plated meals are many times cheaper than buffets.

7.  Hold cocktail receptions early.

8.  Try serving a light finger sandwich selection from the luncheon menu selection instead of expensive per piece Hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail hour

9.  Buy the hotel’s “dead wine,” which is available at a reduced rate because the hotel no longer stocks it.

10.  Always audit your daily bill, comparing it to your banquet event order to ensure there are no discrepancies.


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