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Dear Walter, It was a pleasure meeting you during your recent event in Laguna Hills, CA. I appreciate the material your covered during the event and wanted to thank you for your generosity on gifting me the "Beating the Competition" sales system. Jose U. Jaramillo, Keller Williams


Coaching Testimonials


Coaching Testimonials


I met Walter as a new agent and immediately hired him as my coach, attended his “round table” discussions in Long Beach, and to no surprise, grew my business from Zero to Hero using his Firecracker mailers and the Expired letters! I’m nearing 1000 closed now, and to this day follow Walters systems, and use his scripts and checklists daily.


I had the pleasure to work directly with Walter for almost a year and half. If you’re the competitive type who likes to work hard and see results – then Walter is the coach for you.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is, “Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” When you work with Walter, he will give you a clear action plan that, when implemented over and over again, will yield incredible results.

In the time that I worked with Walter, I was able to increase my volume production by 47%. I learned the true importance of having inventory and being a listing specialist. Most importantly, Walter shows you the value of wealth and how to create wealth through owning real estate. He helped me purchase two properties during the time we worked together.

I highly recommend Walter if you’re looking to take your business to the next level!


Walter has changed my business!  Many coaches give you fluff — outdated approaches that you have heard a million times, but Walter is different.  He gives me REAL money-making strategies that WORK!  He shares his personal experiences of over 30 years of ups and downs in the market. I would not be where I am today without Walter Sanford!


….also I wanted to share that Walter Sanford’s coaching has really made the difference this last year. I met him at our Nashville convention 2 years ago and it has changed my life!  Thank you for having him there!


I wanted to write this e-mail to thank you for all the hard work this year! In this somewhat troubled market we have continued to surpass all goals. So far this is the best first quarter of any year in my career. We have closed 19 properties worth $3,600,000 in volume. We’ve doubled last year’s numbers! We are #1 in units so far this year (if we take out REALTORS® who handle mostly foreclosures).  This would not have been possible without you. Thank you so much! You have no idea how grateful I am to have you by my side.

This is going to be a busy Spring and I think we’re ready for it. One of my major goals this year was to increase our average sale price, and so far our average sales price is $50,000 above last year. I hope that this number will continue to increase. Thank you!

Mike Fortin, The Platinum Group REALTORS®


Thank you for your words of wisdom and experience. I have already benefited from some of the techniques in your materials. My return on investment will be huge!  Thanks again.

Irv Tremblay, Century 21

Dear Walter:

This year I was fortunate enough to be the #1 Century 21 agent in Regina and the # 5 agent in Canada . This is no small feat considering we are the Number One Firm in Canada .

Walter I could not have done this without you. I used you as a coach way back in 1993 and I still use your material and quote you all the time. My systems I use in my office as well as the Assistants Training Program are still the ones you taught me.

Walter thanks again, your the greatest!

Mike and Shayna Goldstein, Coldwell Banker

Working with Walter Sanford has been a tremendous opportunity. Walter’s deep knowledge of business and more specifically “real estate” is invaluable. His wide scope of knowledge in the world of real estate has helped my wife and I immensely. We were already doing over 200+ transactions on an annual basis.

Walter wears many hats for us. He’s first and foremost our friend, but in addition to that he has become a mentor, a teacher, a coach, a strategist, a visionary, and most importantly, the voice of sound judgment. The guidance he can bring to a real estate professional is second to none.

If developing a strong business model for your real estate business along with making money is important to you, call Walter. It will be the most profitable cold call you’ll ever make! We know this from personal experience.

Bruce Hackel, RE/MAX South Suburban

As a 30+ year veteran, I hesitated to commit the time and money to a coaching program. I have made it a point to attend seminars of all the major real estate speakers for years and have come back to my office to apply as many of the ideas as possible.

After six months of coaching with Walter, I can honestly say it has been worth every penny. His honesty, enthusiasm, willingness to listen, and down-to-earth approach make the program special.

We have incorporated our team members into the conversations enabling me to focus on running my business instead of only working in my business.

I encourage anyone looking for consistent, power-packed ideas on daily lead generation to talk to Walter and implement his stuff. It works!

Kim Davis, Keller Williams

By the way, I’ve been going through your letters and checklists, and I am astounded! What an incredible goldmine of experience and wisdom I have stumbled upon. When I met you at the NAR Convention, walking into your seminar, you said to me, “Well, I won’t change your life today, but I hope you’ll take something away from it.” You were wrong, Walter (and I am so very thankful)! I’m so excited about all the things I am learning and all the changes I am making as a result of it. You rule!

Jim d’Artenay, Prudential Carolina

Thanks I love it! That is the punch we needed. I will change the letter in the morning. Great stuff! You are the BEST!

Blake Mayes, RE/MAX

Dear Walter,
I wanted to write this letter to give you an update on my current progress, where I ended up for the year and next year’s goals as well.

First, without sounding odd, I want to start with a thank you. I need to say thank you for changing my life and giving me the tools to enable me to become a well-known name in my area. Your systems and training has not only changed my business, but also helped with my self-esteem, my investment strategies, and retirement planning.

In 1995 my production was less than two million. In 1996 it was six million, and 6.7 million in 1997. You and I started training in late 1997 and so 1998 was my first full year with you. Let me tell you what has happened this year.

My production for 1998 ended at just over 11 million! WOW! What a difference! My systems are still building, however I have mastered the ones that are implemented and still continue to implement more. My business has taken a turn that I didn’t feel would happen so fast. I will end up #8 in the state for all REALTORS® and #3 in the state for RE/MAX agents!

This year was not only successful as a REALTOR®, but in all other aspects in my life. I purchased the building my company was leasing for $400,000 below appraisal! Now I feel I am working for something far more important than just keeping my real estate office operating. The transaction was tough; however after it closed, the seller was so impressed with my skills, that he signed a buyer/broker agreement with me to be his agent. He purchases commercial buildings and so far just in December and January, we have written three deals that are over $3,000,000 in production. That’s just the beginning! Last week I wrote and had accepted a $5,000,000 transaction as well. In addition, I have several other deals in the works, which means that so far this year I have $9,000,000 pending!

Aside from my business going crazy, I have utilized your real estate acquisition program and acquired seven rentals and two commercial buildings. Each one with the formula you gave me. They are 100% leased and cash flowing wonderfully. Ironically, I looked at over twenty properties this year, but the formula helps the decision become very black and white. If it doesn’t work, I don’t buy it. If it does work, I buy it. I am only twenty-six years old, and it gives me a great sense of security to know that by the age of fifty-six, my rentals will be paid off and I will be able to retire a wealthy person. That kind of security helps me to go to work each day a more effective REALTOR® and I enjoy my job so much more. I want to thank you for that.

As great as all this sounds, I have taken it one stop further and with the help of your direction, I have opened an SEP program. In addition I have hired a financial advisor and started a stock, mutual fund, bond, and money market portfolio. I started it in early May and to my surprise the account was worth over $70,000 by year-end! You used to tell me that I needed to start having my money work for me instead of me working for my money. I have to admit — I didn’t know what that meant until now.

Part of your training included my personal and mental health. I have followed your every word and every piece of advice this year and this was no different. I now work with a personal trainer three times a week. I have lost 30 pounds, have a “body builder’s” body, quit smoking, and overall feel and look better than I ever had in my entire life.

As far as my training, I want to continue with it. I am looking forward to the future and things are moving and I don’t want to slow down. What I would like to see my training do this year is to help me perfect my systems and the overall look of my business. I would like to meet with you and have you review everything I have done. I would like to leave each visit with your opinions of what I have been doing and what I need to start doing. Please let me know your thoughts on this and if that works for you, let me know what the cost will be.

Once again, I want to say thank you so much for everything. There is no way I could have done this without your help and guidance. I wish that every person that hears you speak could somehow understand how your systems and advice could change their lives. If you ever have somebody who is unsure, please give them my number. I want to tell the world about these programs. There is no reason that everybody can’t have a wonderful, happy and financially profitable future in this business.


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