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Your Insider Investing for Real Estate Agents book has been very helpful. While I am not the one at the company who hires speakers, I have recommended your book and website to many of my colleagues. Cynthia Lee, Weichert Realtors


A DAY OF NO TOIL SO NOT TO SOIL YOUR CHANCES OF 08 SPOILS November 25th, 2007 | Posted in General Real Estate

It is Sunday and time to think about thinking about 08.  Do you know what worked in 07?  Then throw more money and resouces at those items.  What did not work?  Stop those systems or improve them.  What new lead generation systems would you like to implement?  Please determine the resources you will need, who will do the work and what the first step is.  Then time block the activity into your 08 schedual.  Where were your bottlenecs or complaints from clients?  Fix it by changing the way your checklists look.  What will be the investment opportunities in 08?  Distressed real estate, metals or tax advantaged reitirement accounts?  Start a program that funds these items with a deduction from every commission check.  What toys did you not use this year?  Make a plan to sell them.  How can you better serve Christ?  Commit to something.  All problems with family can be cured with time.  Please timeblock a cure.   How about a personal passion.  What is the first step?  Are you fatter than you like.  I am way past “like”.   How do you get better food, more water, and excersise into your schedual?  You are now ready to start a few items necessary to write a plan.  You will be suprised what a few small changes can do over a year.  Amazed in 5.   

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