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STARTING OVER AT ZERO December 3rd, 2007 | Posted in General Real Estate

About 30 years ago I went to learn about this business from a speaker that I later learned had never been particularly good in racking up sales numbers.  But he had lots of tapes for me to buy and learn from.  As I was extracting my credit card he said, “this is the only business where you start at zero every January 1”.  I put my card back in my wallet and thought of all the appointments that I had for December and January.  Appointments that would turn into sellers.  I had dreams of implementing my still infantile double drip strategy by holding the listing off the mls as long as legally possible, sending “just listed” cards the same day I collect the signatures, putting up a sign that day also and holding an open house that Sunday.  My listing always leveraged the possibility of a buyer that buys that house or another and even got sellers to call me in the neighborhood.  My Listing Lead A file was full of soon to be called sellers and I had 11 buyers in the “A” class.  Not to mention a listing inventory of motivated sellers that I was consistently delivering value to and asking for price reductions.  I would say I was far from zero.  However, I could see the people in the audience take a collective sign of relaxation waiting to start work again on January 1.  If you are waiting until Jan. 1 to make 08 great, your making a huge mistake.  Are you ready?  December and January are huge expired months.  Your data base needs a call.  There are a million things you can do to increase your listing inventory now.  Don’t wait.   

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