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Believe It December 4th, 2007 | Posted in General Real Estate

WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN ACHIEVE.  One of the secrets of our generation.  Many of my coaching clients have been having some stinkin thinkin lately.  I have turned it around for them with a plan.  That’s it.  A plan.  What are you going to do tomorrow on Wednesday.  Some of my coaching clients are going to be the best in their town on researching the name, phone and address of every expired in their search parameters.  They will be done by 9:30 AM.  Of course they have already worked out and eaten a good breakfast.  They next call with an upbeat, hear the good news call or voice mail.  Prepare an exciting mailing.  It is now 11:00 and they will return all calls, accept incoming phone calls, do all snail mail and email.  It’s lunch time and on the way back, they are visiting some of the higher priced expired and Fsbo listings in person.  1:30 PM and they call all of their buyers in the “A” class and get them re-committed to seeing and buying now.  It is 2:30 PM and every day we make 10 data base calls to get through the data base twice completely every year.  At 3PM we get an update on our lender ran FSBO program and send out 10 out of state owner letters.  Follow-up on the ones we sent four days ago by phone.  At 4PM we do our hour of communication like we did at 11.  It is now time to go home and the only exceptions to the day is a listing presentation that  we could not control it’s time.  Immediately you mood approves and the critical mass of business increases.  No wienie heads allowed as clients.  Work when you work and play when you play. see the outcome and believe it.  What a great Wednesday.

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