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HEY GOV, GET OUT OF EXISTING CONTRACTS December 7th, 2007 | Posted in General Real Estate

Sure it is terrible, poor people that got caught up in the excitement of unabated appreciation, low interest rates, low downs and a banker that would say yes to a $600,000 mortgage when 7 years ago he would have told the same guy no to a Discover Card.  So who’s fault is it.  The Lenders?  Well they were trying to make money and betting that appreciation would get em out of trouble.  They lost the bet and should loose.  They are with higher reserve requirements, slow pays, no pays, short sales and and REO’s.  The real estate agents?  I still see that long haired guy that is a Realtor@ on Cavuto on Fox telling us to buy while Rome burned.  I am sure his past clients are real happy with him.  Borrowers?  They gambled and lost.  So let em eat cake over at the South Side Apartments.  There is a reason in the “good ole days” of 10 years ago that you needed a down payment and a credit rating to buy a house.  It kept the idiots out of the market!  So we have all these conspirators to a disaster, however all they were really doing is following their dreams.  You pay to play.  So let’s get the homes foreclosed, the prices dropped, the lenders closed and return to reality as fast as possible.  With the Government helping we will delay the inevitable, cause the lenders to loose more, and cause a whole new category of losers – the investors that have shorted the market.  Please provide for the common defense and monitor interstate trade but get the heck out of people’s business and let the market even it out like it always does without your help!

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