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PUT ON MORE CLOTHES FOR THE BETTER LEADS December 10th, 2007 | Posted in General Real Estate

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There has been so much promotion for generating leads from a million different sources that the cost of those leads and the quality of those leads has been forgotten.  I can remember hiring a person to take the profanity off one of those automatic calling machines of 20 years ago.  I have spent hours talking to respondees of the 1-800 systems answering the questions…”how did you get my phone number?” and we have elaborate web systems to chase wienie head buyers with drippy systems.  However, the easy, good, cheap leads are still being monopolized by the smart, top agents.  Do you want buyers or sellers?  Sellers!  They have the highest leverage because they produce buyers for you, give you the opportunity of a double pop and are supported by showings from a legion of agents and the MLS.  It is the smartest business plan.  Do we want medium or high priced listings?  High!  The higher the price the more net commish.  Do we want to identify sellers or go directly to people that have already identified themselves as sellers?  You figure the cost on that.  So why are you not going to the homes and businesses of the sellers in the highest price ranges that expired today and offer to design a custom marketing plan that will achieve their goals?  The colder it is outside, the better, because then there will also be no competition.  Huge money, no cost and it will get you out of the office where the ducks in the duck pond are quacking about something called a “tougher market”. 

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